Links Policy Unchanged

eBay withdraws ban on links to external sites.

by staff writer
- Aug 01, 2008

After going back to the drawing board on a policy change that would have prohibited links to sites outside of eBay, the e-commerce giant said Thursday that it will scrap the plan altogether.

In a statement posted on eBay's General Announcements board, John McDonald, senior director of Trust and Safety, said that after reconsidering how the changes would affect its sellers and technology partners, eBay decided the policy was fine the way it was.

"After… additional research and discussion, we've decided to leave our Links Policy as it was before my May announcement. There will be no Links Policy updates at this time," McDonald said.

The original plan prompted many sellers to remove external links from AboutMe pages—and added more fuel to the fire for users dissatisfied with the direction and tone of eBay's rapid-fire policy changes.

In July, eBay postponed enforcement of the new policy for further review.

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