New Auction Site Debuts

eBazR aims to provide an alternative venue for online buyers and sellers.

by staff writer
- Nov 15, 2011

Online sellers now have another marketplace on which to offer their products, just in time for the busy holiday season, with the debut of a U.K.-based auction and e-store site.

eBazR, which launched today, allows merchants to post auctions, fixed-price listings and classified ads on its site. The marketplace aims to be "the first and the last place you'll want to look," as its tagline states.

Merchants pay no listing fee for items listed at 0.99 pounds or less. For items listed at 100 pounds or more, sellers pay 1.30 pounds, according to the site's fee schedule. Like on eBay, merchants pay transaction fees for items that sell, and additional fees for special features like best offer, bold titles, highlights, and more than one photo per listing.

Sellers can list items in more than 30 categories, including toys, antiques, books, computers, sports, electronics, photography and more. eBazR is available to buyers and sellers in six English-speaking countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, according to the site.

The marketplace "connects people who come to the site to do more than just buy or sell—they have fun, shop around and get to know each other," according to the site.

eBazR provides discussion boards for buyers and sellers to mingle, and has optional social networking tools that allow merchants to promote their listings on Facebook and Twitter.

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