ProPay Expands Services to All PowerSellers

Bronze-level sellers no longer out of the loop.

by staff writer
- Jan 26, 2009

As eBayers get rid of references to paper payment options in compliance with the auction site's new policy, ProPay is trying to give PowerSellers more payment alternatives.

The Utah-based company announced it will extend its services to Bronze-level PowerSellers—which means all U.S. PowerSellers will now be able to use the service.

"Today's announcement is a critical step in our ongoing effort to provide attractive, comprehensive and technologically advanced payment options for eBay's PowerSellers," says Greg Pesci, ProPay executive vice president of Business Strategy.

Bronze-level PowerSellers will now be able to accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards for a fee of 3.1 percent, plus 30 cents on every transaction. They can also accept American Express cards for slightly higher fees.

The company's announcement is good news for sellers, notes Justin Pepple, representative for eBay PowerSeller Jay Brokers.

"For quite some time, there has been a lack of seamless payment options for eBay customers," Pepple says. "ProPay has the potential to provide a more familiar and intuitive checkout experience for eBay customers... I think ProPay has great potential to become the preferred eBay solution for both buyers and sellers."

ProPay's eAuction Account is fully integrated with eBay checkout, and buyers who use ProPay do not have to create a ProPay account. Both of these features are big pluses, the company notes.

ProPay has considered offering its services to non-PowerSellers, but a decision is still up in the air. According to Scott Nelson, ProPay's vice president of marketing, company officials are still evaluating the option.

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