Royal Mail Braces for Bad Weather

Additional resources aim to curb storm effects on delivery.

by staff writer
- Dec 14, 2010

Royal Mail will invest £20 million to help parcels reach their destinations in time this holiday season, despite the recent harsh storms bombarding the U.K., the company announced Monday.

Storms have been so harsh that officials are calling the U.K.'s bad weather "the worst December weather the U.K. has seen in almost 30 years."

The "prolonged cold weather and snowfall" has made delivery to some parts of the U.K. very difficult. To prevent backlogs, Royal Mail will recruit up to 3,000 new employees and 500 professional HGV drivers, and add 250 trucks to its fleet over the next two weeks to make holiday deliveries easier. It will also add resources in the North East, Midlands and Scotland, the company notes.

These investments are in addition to Royal Mail's normal Christmas program, which calls for the addition of 20,000 temporary workers to help with holiday deliveries and longer business hours for all of Royal Mail's 1,400 locations.

"We are pulling out all the stops to deliver this Christmas," says Mark Higson, Royal Mail's managing director. "With this additional £20 million investment, we are committed to ensure we deliver letters and packets as quickly and possible."

Royal Mail says it will handle 750 million cards and 165 million items that were ordered online this holiday season. Monday was expected to be the organization's busiest day, with an estimated 130 million holiday cards, letters and presents expected to make their way through the post office on that day.

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