Site Helps Users Price, Track Goods

Lockboxer combines research, inventory management, bookkeeping in one.

by staff writer
- Aug 18, 2011

Sellers who have a tough time pricing their items, and those who want to keep an online inventory of their goods, now have a new resource with the beta launch of a new site.

Lockboxer, which debuted in late June, helps users research the price of their items, and can also help users track the products they have by creating lists with item details like descriptions, photos and brand.

To look up prices, users simply enter keywords for the products they're researching and click the Find a Price Now button to get similar items and see how much they're going for. Users can then select search results to add to lists and save these, along with their item details like description, price, brand and photo, on Lockboxer.

Customers can also use the site to sell their saved products on several marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon. They can also create wish lists to send to friends and family, and use the site to keep a record of donations they've given to charities over the year.

"Lockboxer is a new way to handle an old problem: managing your stuff," the site states. "Just like Zillow gives you a price for real estate, or Kelley Blue Book gives you a price for cars, Lockboxer gives you price and information about your stuff."

Customers can look up and save 50 items for free, or choose to pay a $1.99-a-month subscription fee for unlimited storage, Lockboxer notes.

"People need an easier way to keep track of their things," notes Jennifer Morehead, the founder and CEO of Lockboxer. "There are existing solutions to price out new merchandise, sell old stuff, donate things, or make a home inventory, but nothing has brought it all together until Lockboxer."

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