Top-Rated Seller Badges Given in Error

Technical glitch gave some sellers an unexpected promotion.

by staff writer
- Jan 08, 2010

A technical glitch caused eBay to erroneously send out e-mail messages to some sellers, informing them that they qualified for Top-rated Seller status when, in fact, they did not.

Sellers received the e-mails Wednesday. After realizing what had happened, eBay contacted those sellers within 24 hours to let them know of the mistake.

"Please disregard this notification as your seller performance status has not changed," eBay noted in its follow-up e-mail. "The e-mail was sent in error, and we apologize for any confusion it may have caused. The cause of the error has been identified and fixed."

eBay usually reviews seller performance around the 20th of each month to see if merchants qualify for Top-rated Seller status. Sellers can review their current performance status by selecting the Last Evaluation tab on their seller dashboard.

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