eBay Changes Up 'My eBay'

Sellers say they miss the page's customization.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- May 10, 2011

eBay unveiled changes to My eBay pages earlier this week, but some sellers say the changes were unnecessary, and even counterproductive.

As part of the new design, touted as making shopping and selling on the site easier, eBay removed customization features from My eBay pages. Several sellers said they disagree with this change. "There is no 'you' in My eBay," writes one seller in this eBay Forum.

Customization allowed sellers to choose which fields they would see in their My eBay Summary page—for instance sold, unsold and active listings. In the new design, these are no longer available on the Summary page but can still be found in the Selling menu.

"Now sellers see what eBay decides we should see, not necessarily what we want to see," says Auctiva Product Analyst and Top-rated Seller Rebecca Miller. "We can still get to the active and sold listings, but we have to click another link to see them, which kind of defeats the purpose of a Summary page."

Other changes to My eBay included "improved" shipping and payment reminders, eBay notes in General Announcements, and the ability for shoppers see up to three years' worth of purchases. eBay says the latter feature will help buyers to identify sellers they want to shop from again and retrieve information for tax purposes. To see all their purchases for the past three years, shoppers just click on the "Purchase History" link on the left of their My eBay page.

Buyers will also find that they can now sort any lists they've created (e.g., Watch List, Wish List, etc.) by most-recently purchased.

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