eBay Provides Venue for Disaster Relief

Program gives buyers and sellers a way to help Haitian earthquake victims.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Jan 18, 2010

To aid disaster relief efforts in Haiti, eBay is providing ways for both sellers and buyers to help victims of Tuesday's devastating earthquake.

eBay's Giving Works is highlighting the relief efforts on its landing page, where it encourages people to buy and sell items that will benefit nonprofit organizations that provide assistance to victims, including the American Red Cross, UNICEF, Save the Children and Habitat for Humanity.

Buyers and sellers can also make monetary contributions through PayPal on sites like Giving Works and Save the Children. PayPal announced it will waive processing fees for donations to Save the Children for the next 30 days.

More than 3 million people were affected by the 7.0-magnitude quake, which destroyed buildings and hospitals, and left an estimated 100,000 people dead and thousands more injured and without homes, according to news reports.

One seller is currently auctioning off a cover of Ladyhawke's eponymous album, which she designed. The seller, Sarah Larnach, says the quake hit close to home. Though she resides in Australia, Larnach's sister works for the United Nations and was in Haiti when the quake struck. Larnach's sister, along with her husband and the couple's three daughters were "devastated by the earthquake," the seller notes. As of Thursday, only two members of the family, Larnach's sister and her youngest daughter, age 2, were accounted for.

On Monday morning, the auction had garnered 49 bids and $1,085 to help the victims. All of the money raised from the auction will go to a nonprofit aiding in relief efforts, although Larnach has yet to decide specifically which organization, since she put up the auction in a rush, she says.

Larnach says she's heard that agencies have issued challenges to other artists to auction off their artwork to raise money for victims.

"I can't really fathom it, but I do understand that knowing there is a human connection and a very human story involved has led to a lot of empathetic people wanting to help," she says. "My reason for creating the auction was to raise funds, obviously, but also to establish one less degree-of-separation."

eBay Foundation is also trying to help quake victims and will match the proceeds eBay Inc. employees donate to nonprofit organizations aiding relief efforts.

To make a monetary contribution, visit eBay's Giving Works donation page.

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