eBay Unveils Information Portal

New site provides one place to learn about 'all things eBay.'

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Oct 13, 2009

eBay has launched its first corporate information site called eBayInc.com to give eBayers easier access to information about the company.

Previously, if people wanted to find information about eBay, PayPal, Skype, another eBay company, specific eBay programs or employees, they had to visit several sites.

"You had to dig at least two pages deep within a sub-page of eBay.com," notes eBay blogger Richard Brewer-Hay, who worked on creating the new site.

Now users can go to one site to easily access all of that information, and get additional content to stay informed about all things eBay, he adds.

eBayInc.com contains a news room and a sustainability section, as well as investor and career information. eBay Connect gives readers access to eBay and Skype's official blogs to keep them informed about the latest policies.

"[The site is] a launching pad for us to communicate and interact on a higher level as a company of individuals, and I look forward to enhancing and expanding on this platform over the coming months," Brewer-Hay writes.

The site also allows users to navigate eBay sites such as the Daily Deal. Visit eBayInc.com by clicking here.

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