eBay to Limit iPad 2 Listings

Sets weekly cap, based on seller performance.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Mar 08, 2011

eBay announced its listing policy for Apple's iPad 2, in preparation for the tablet's highly anticipated release this week.

According to the policy, eBay sellers will be able to list the tablet, which hits stores on Friday, as long as they meet "minimum performance standards." However, sellers will be limited in the number of iPads they can offer on eBay in a given week.

Apple-authorized resellers will be able to post 50 iPads a week, Top-rated Sellers will be able to list up to four tablets a week, and sellers "meeting minimum performance standards" will be able to list one iPad a week, eBay notes in its General Announcements.

Sellers who meet these minimum requirements are those who offer reasonable shipping and handling costs, respond to buyer questions quickly, describe items as accurately as possible, follow through with their stated return policies, and provide a good buyer experience, according to eBay's Seller performance standards.

eBay says having regulations in place for iPads will help eBay sellers meet customer demand for the eagerly awaited device and help ensure a good buyer experience for shoppers.

"As always, any selling activity that appears to mislead buyers regarding the authenticity of the item may result in limitations to selling activity, including account suspension," eBay's announcement states.

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