eBayers Pick Ohio State as NCAA Winner

Buckeyes merchandise tops March Madness-related spending.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Mar 25, 2011

If spending on eBay is any indication of who will win the Men's NCAA Tournament during this year's March Madness, Ohio State has it in the bag.

Buyers have spent more on Buckeyes merchandise than that of any other team in the tournament—$170,200 as of yesterday. The Florida State Seminoles are the second most popular among eBay buyers, raking in just over $162,000 for team merchandise. Duke came in third with about $127,000 worth of merchandise sold on eBay, despite the team's loss to University of Arizona on Thursday.

Kentucky rounds out the top four with about $106,000 in merchandise sales, according to eBay.

"eBay sees three times more items related to NCAA basketball listed in March than in the remaining 11 months of the year," notes eBay Consumer Comms' Amanda Miller. "This March, we crunched those numbers to uncover what inspires and opens the wallets of basketball fans."

Three of these top-selling teams remain in the tournament. So far, Duke is the only team among eBay's top four that did not make it past the tournament's Sweet Sixteen. See a complete list of the top 16 teams on eBay.

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