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Auctiva team members view a presentation. All aboard! The team tours China. Auctiva employees show off their new toys. Welcome to Auctiva, where our staff’s always hard at work!

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Small Town Roots, Big World Ideas

As a technology company, Auctiva finds itself in a desirable position. On one hand, we are owned by a large international company, providing the stability we need to offer our customers the best products and most complete service possible; on the other hand, our innovative spirit and freedom to think out of the box provide the exciting atmosphere of a startup company.

Auctiva President

Why Auctiva?

Auctiva develops Web and mobile e-commerce applications using a variety of tools and technologies. Our websites and services are built on the latest Microsoft .NET technologies, and our work includes mobile development of native applications and mobile websites for both iOS and Android platforms. Our developers aren't limited to working with in-house applications; we also interact with other APIs from sites like eBay, Facebook and iTunes. Auctiva was an early adopter of Amazon Web Services. We've been working "in the cloud" since 2006 and it continues to be a focus for our application development.

Who We're Looking For

Auctiva Manager Meetings

At Auctiva, we like to look beyond the resume. Degrees, a stable work history, the ability to meet deadlines and work with a team are all desirable qualities, but we also place a great deal of importance on the intangibles that cannot shine through on a resume. We want our employees to be excited about the products we have built, and to show an unwavering passion to help create new ones. Whether you develop iPhone apps or maintain an eBay store, design platforms or design graphics, write code or write content, we're interested in what you can bring to the team.