Amazon, eBay, Top Retail Sites

Marketplaces account for half of online retail traffic in June.

by staff writer
- Aug 25, 2011

Amazon, eBay and were the top three destinations for online shoppers around the world during the month of June, according to a recent survey.

The three sites together accounted for 50 percent of traffic to online retail sites during that month, reports researcher Amazon was the top destination among shoppers. It received 20 percent of online retail traffic with 280 million visits to the site. eBay was the second most popular destination, earning 16 percent of retail traffic. came in third, getting 14 percent of retail traffic.

Altogether, about 650 million shoppers visited the three sites in June, reports.

"The online retail space is highly competitive and although there is a large volume of players, it is interesting that the top three players account for such a high volume of visitor numbers," note. "[It's] a reflection of the dominance of the larger online retail aggregators in the market."

The study also found that Wal-Mart ranked sixth, and recently surpassed Sony and Amazon as a top destination for movies for buyers in the U.S.

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