Auctiva Tool Tip: Multi-Variation Listings

List similar items together to save time and listing fees.

by staff writer
- Feb 19, 2013

Creating a single eBay listing that offers many variations of a fixed-price item can be a great way to save time creating listings, and save money on listing fees. Plus, as the inventory sells, the listing earns popularity points that can give it a boost in Best Match search.

Did you know Auctiva has a tool that greatly simplifies the process of creating multi-variation eBay listings? Here's what you need to know about this time-saving feature within the Auctiva One-Page Lister—and some tips for creating multi-variation listings.

Simple design makes listing easy

Let's face it, creating listings that let buyers choose from various combinations of sizes, colors, styles and more can be a complex task, even for experienced sellers. For someone new to selling, it can be downright intimidating.

You can look like a big-time seller, even if you're not. But more importantly, you can list a lot more inventory in one fell swoop

That's why, when we set out to develop our Multi-Variation Tool, we made it as simple and intuitive to use as possible. Everything you need to create a multi-variation listing is contained within one easy-to-understand form—no tedious table lookups to find the right information, or paging through screen after screen entering data. One page, boom, done.

Packs a punch

But don't let its simplicity fool you—this is one powerful tool. You can create a few variations at a time or up to 120 in one quick process.

Our streamlined tool dynamically adapts to the category you select. When you indicate a category on the One-Page Lister, the Multi-Variation Tool automatically gives you the most common product attributes specific to that category. For example, a listing for decorative pillows would include such attributes as room, pillow size and fill material, while a listing for candles would give you choices like type, shape and scent.

But don't feel limited to the attributes the variation tool supplies. You can create custom attributes and give them any name you want (as long as these conform to eBay's policy).

Advanced capability

Now that you've created your variations, you'll want to attach matching images. We let you do that, too. You simply tell the variation generator which product attribute to display and then select the appropriate images on the One-Page Lister.

Using the above candle example, you might choose shape as your image display attribute. Then, as the buyer toggles between pillar, taper, votive and so on in your listing, the image will change to show what each variation looks like.

Pretty slick, right? Now you can look like a big-time seller, even if you're not. But more importantly, you can list a lot more inventory in one fell swoop, saving you precious time and money.

You could not list a skirt, sweater and blouse in the same multi-variation listing, even if they are of the same brand

Multi-variation considerations

As we noted earlier, there are limits to what qualifies as a "variation." According to eBay's best practices guide, items with different brands or functions may not be used as variations. Doing so would be considered a violation of eBay's fee avoidance policy.

In the case of brand, let's say you want to create a multi-variation listing of several pairs of running shoes in different sizes, styles and/or colors. A qualified multi-variation listing might include five pairs of Nike shoes, but it could not list three pairs of Nikes and two pairs of Brooks.

Similarly, items must have the same function to be qualified as variations. For example, you could not list a skirt, sweater and blouse in the same multi-variation listing, even if they are of the same brand. While this tactic might seem like a clever way to cross-sell items that complete an outfit, there are plenty of effective ways to do this without breaking the rules (such as using Auctiva's Scrolling Gallery to give buyers a look at what else you have listed on eBay).

Need more info?

Our online tutorial gives you a step-by-step look at creating multi-variation listings in Auctiva. For more multi-variation listing tips and information, please refer to eBay's multi-variations best practices guide.

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