Auctiva Tool Tip: Supersized Images

Three reasons Auctiva's supersized images are a super value

by staff writer
- Feb 04, 2013

In e-commerce, the way you visually present your product can often mean the difference between a sale and no sale. Because buyers can't touch, hold and turn over an online item in their hands, providing high-quality images that clearly show even the tiniest features helps give buyers confidence to click the Buy button.

Auctiva's Supersized images let buyers get the closest possible look at your eBay items before committing to a purchase.

Why supersize?

Supersize means just what it sounds like—to make something significantly bigger. In the case of images, which are automatically made smaller in eBay listings, supersizing lets viewers expand images to their upload size. Depending on camera resolution and settings, this can be very close to the size of a computer display.

Auctiva's Supersize feature lets you include more and bigger images to show your items in all their glory

Now that eBay offers up to 12 free images when you upload directly to eBay, you may be wondering if your listings would be as successful using eBay's tools. That's something only you can decide. But if you believe, as we do, that providing the most comprehensive and detailed view of your items gives you a sales advantage, then consider why Auctiva is still the best image-hosting solution around.

Here are three reasons Auctiva's image hosting with Supersize is a super value:

1. More and bigger images

It's true that on eBay you can include up to 12 free images per listing (except on eBay Motors). However, when you use Auctiva's Supersize feature, you can include more and bigger images to show your items in all their glory.

Specifically, Auctiva gives you twice as many pictures that are up to 25 percent larger than eBay's, for no extra cost.

If you've enabled Auctiva's new Supersize image page, a buyer who clicks to view the larger image will see it at its upload size—up to 1,920 px x 1,440 px. Compare this to eBay's Supersize feature, which currently displays images up to 1,600 px on the longest side.

2. Upload and display flexibility

eBay's image uploader requires a minimum image length of 500 px on the longest size, though for quality reasons eBay recommends taking pictures with a 1,600-px dimension on the longest side.

Auctiva also recommends a higher pixel count for the best display quality, but our uploader supports images as small as 400 px by 300 px. Images larger than that will automatically include a link that gives the option to view a supersized version.

And, as we mentioned above, you get to decide how big to display your images. In your Auctiva account settings, you can choose the standard Supersize image view of 1,280 px x 1,024 px, or opt for the "super" Supersize of up to 1,920 px x 1,440 px.

3. No time limit on image storage

Supersize is best for items that demand highly-detailed closeups, like coins, jewelry, antiques and collectibles

On eBay, your listing data, including images, are available for 60 days after the listing ends. After that time, there's no way to retrieve them.

In Auctiva, you can store your images for as long as you need them. We'll keep them in your account until you mark them for deletion. Even customers on the Free Tools plan can store up to 100 MB, totally free. Depending on the image sizes, that could be enough to store several pictures.

What to keep in mind

Supersized images—especially Auctiva's larger Supersize—may not be critical for every seller, or every listing. This optional feature is best for items that demand highly-detailed closeups, like coins, jewelry, antiques and collectibles, or any items that have small features or flaws that you want to call attention to.

Large images do take more image hosting space, so if you opt to upload images at larger sizes, keep an eye on your usage to avoid overage charges. You can see your current image hosting usage on your Image Management page when signed into

It's also important to note that larger images may take longer to load when a buyer opens your listing. For mobile buyers, this may not provide the best viewing experience. However, the benefit to serious buyers outweighs this potential negative.

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