Auctiva Tool Tip: eBay Templates

An eBay listing template can dress up your ads, and make a positive, lasting impression.

by staff writer
- Jan 07, 2013

When you want your listing to make an impact, the right eBay listing template can be just the thing to add that splash of panache and make it more likely shoppers will buy from you.

First impressions count, and attractive listings show buyers that you're a seller who cares about the details. Whether you approach eBay selling as a business or hobby, eBay templates give your listings a stylish, professional appearance that will give buyers confidence.

eBay templates for every taste

Auctiva's flat-rate plans offer more than 1,800 eBay templates for no additional fee. With colors, styles and themes for every taste, occasion or season, you'll have plenty of designs to choose from to complement your items.

But these customizable skins are not only pleasing to the eye, they also make it easier for buyers to find the information they need, at a glance.

Rather than present your listing details in a dense block of text, Auctiva's eBay templates let you organize the information, such as item description, and details about shipping and returns policies or accepted payment methods, under easy-to-read headings.

You can even tailor the arrangement of your images by selecting from among several grouping and alignment options. There's even a slick image scrolling feature that lends the appearance of a professionally designed Web page.

Success tips for using Auctiva's eBay templates

Using Auctiva's Master Profile, save a sample listing with your favorite eBay listing template to use as a framework for new listings

Here are some suggestions to help you get the most from your eBay listing template:

  1. Dress for success. Choose a template that complements your item, product category or business focus. You want your listing to be attractive without overshadowing the item you're offering. Auctiva's many themed and neutral designs add just the right amount of flair.

  2. Less is more. Keep in mind the color scheme of your template when deciding whether to accent your description with colored text. Excessive or clashing colors can be painful for buyers to look at.

  3. Organize your info. Create a Seller Details profile in Auctiva to populate the shipping details, payment information, about us, contact us, and terms of sale sections of your template. Learn more.

  4. Play favorites. Have a favorite template that you want to use again and again? Here are three ways you can find it easily when you list through

    • In the template selection window, click Recently Used to bring up the eBay templates you use most often.
    • Using Auctiva's Master Profile feature, save a sample listing with your favorite eBay listing template to use as a framework for new listings.
    • Select the Create Similar option on the Listings tab, and use the drop-down menu to pull up a copy of a previous listing that used your favorite eBay listing template. Update the information as needed, and save, schedule or post.

To learn more about creating listings using Auctiva's eBay templates, please read our helpful tutorial.

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