Auctiva Tool Tip: Seller Details Profile

Automatically populate your eBay listing template with frequently used information.

by staff writer
- Jan 21, 2013

Do you find that when you create eBay listings, you enter the same information about yourself and your selling policies, again and again?

Maybe you've tried to reduce the repetition by copying and pasting snippets from old listings into new ones, or even storing your commonly used information in a document or clipboard program on the computer. But wouldn't it be convenient if you could just recall that information instantly, with a mouseclick?

Why, yes, you may be thinking, it would.

Save time when you create listings

Here at Auctiva, we're all about helping you list faster so you can sell more. Our time-saving Profiles let you store those listing details that you frequently repeat, and make them easy to retrieve in an instant.

And here's another neat thing about Profiles: You can save as many as you need for all the different types of listings you create in

If you invest just a few minutes in creating profiles before you list, you'll be able to launch new listings in a snap.

Seller Details are the "fine print" of your eBay listings, such as payment instructions, shipping information and business terms you want to communicate to buyers

Organize the 'fine print'

Let's take a look at the Seller Details profile. Seller Details are the "fine print" of your eBay listings, such as payment instructions, shipping information and business terms you want to communicate to buyers. Seller Details can also include sections that tell about you as a seller and how buyers can contact you.

Designed to be used hand-in-hand with Auctiva's eBay templates, this profile populates the template with your saved information, organizing it under pre-defined headings. This way, your description and images stay front and center, your listing appears tidy and professional, and buyers can more easily find the information they want.

Just keep in mind eBay's policies governing the type of information you can include in listings. If eBay detects a possible policy violation (references to paper payments, for example), the listing may fail to post. For more information, read eBay's selling practices policy.

Tips for creating Seller Details profiles

You'll find the Seller Details profile under the Profiles tab in your account. Click to open a new profile and enter information on the appropriate tab (e.g., Payment, Shipping, etc.). You can type straight into the box, or copy and paste from a text-only document, such as Notepad, and add formatting using the built-in text and HTML editors.

Fill in as many of the sections as you want to include in your listings. If you don't want to include a certain section, it's fine to leave it blank. The template will detect this, and the heading for that section won't appear in the listing.

When you're done, click Save and give your profile a name. Repeat the process as many times as you need to create variations of your Seller Details for different types of listings. You can go back and edit your profiles anytime by clicking the "Manage Seller Details" link on the Profiles page.

For a step-by-step guide to creating a Seller Details profile, please read our helpful tutorial.

Instant solution

Now, when you add a template to your listing, you can use the drop-down menu on the One-Page Lister to instantly load the appropriate Seller Details profile into your template.

It's that easy. Now, what will you ever do with all the time you save?

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