Got Tweet Overload?

Simplify, with the eBay Seller's essential guide to who to follow on Twitter.

by Brad and Debra Schepp
- Apr 16, 2010

It's no surprise that we're big fans of social networking and the possibilities these sites present for keeping in touch and sharing information. You know by now that Twitter is a great source of quick links and tiny bursts of wisdom. But, like any other form of communication, sometimes just enough is a feast, and too much is worse than a famine.

Recently we've noticed a phenomenon that can be disconcerting to anyone with something important to share. Eager to spread our own brand of wisdom, we logged onto our Twitter account only to discover the following message: "Twitter is over capacity." Yes, there were too many tweets, even for this industrious little bird.

Of course, this level of information overload is problematic for more than just the servers that make Twitter a reality. Once you've developed a hearty list of people to follow, you may just discover that you're spending way too much on the site. You've lost your return on your time invested.

It's time for us to look at how you can effectively cut down on the tweeting noise and focus instead on the nuggets of useful information we all know are there for eBay sellers.

Now you have a corner of the Twitter world you can easily attend to daily for the latest news and ideas about eBay

Play favorites with your contacts

Your first line of defense is to create lists based on your Twitter interests. If you're on the site to gather information specifically about eBay, you can more easily do that by creating a list just for eBay sources. Then, when you click on it, you can skip the news of the latest ball game, the stomach virus sweeping through your list of friends and the latest achievements of the preschoolers in the lives of your loved ones. It's not that those subjects are not interesting; it's just that, in their time and place, you can explore them after you've gathered the latest word on eBay happenings.

Creating a list on Twitter couldn't be easier, and each username is entitled to as many as 20 lists per account. Simply search for the username you'd like to follow. When the profile pops up, you'll find it's accompanied by a "List" button. Either use that to create a new list, or add this person to your existing "eBay" list. It's that simple! Now you have a corner of the Twitter world you can easily attend to daily for the latest news and ideas about eBay.

To get you started we've put together a list of people and companies to follow for eBay inspiration and news. We also asked our social media guru Stephanie Inge for her suggestions of who to follow. Here's our combined list of essential Twitter sources for the eBay seller:

  • eBayBargains: Daily and often several times per day, you'll find quick tidbits of great deals on the eBay site.
  • dailyebaytips: This source provides links to eBay news items and other eBay info from across the Web.
  • bidsonebay: These tweets will take you directly to bargains and interesting eBay listings you might not find on your own.
  • ebayaddictions: Here's another source of news links, and unusual auctions and listings combined.
  • Daily_ebay: Based in London, this Twitterer trawls eBay for vintage clothing to save you the trouble! If you're into the retro look, gained by actual retro products, put her on your list.
  • ebaygr: eBay Government Relations is a grassroots organization dedicated to keeping you informed about changes that affect your ability to thrive on eBay. This source doesn't tweet as frequently as many others, but when it does, the tweets are packed with useful information.
  • AuctionBytes. This is our favorite source for interviews and news about eBay and the rest of the e-commerce world. With information-packed tweets you can rely on, AuctionBytes offers value and a healthy respect for your research time.
  • knowsebay: Norb and Marie Novocin have been selling on eBay for 12 years. They know the site, and how to thrive there—and they're still having fun. They offer practical and actionable tidbits.
  • ebaysellertips: Here you'll find nuts and bolts links and information about selling strategies. Sample tweets from recent days included: Discounts versus profits, five tips for discounting that work and strategy for marketing eBay items on Twitter.
  • Mashable has lots of information about using Twitter to your best advantage, and social networking for your business in general

  • eBay: How could we create an eBay list to follow on Twitter without including eBay itself? The corporation doesn't tweet often, and most of the tweets relate to current happenings on its site. As we write this, there are many tweets about the relief efforts in place on eBay to help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.
  • mashable: This is one of the best sources of information on social networking, hands-down. Mashable has lots of information about using Twitter to your best advantage, and social networking for your business in general. A recent tweet pointed to the five must-have free social apps for BlackBerry.
  • Kovels: If you sell or buy antiques, you can't miss the chance to follow Kovels on Twitter. This information trove doesn't tweet often, but each tweet is a gem. A recent favorite of ours was "Kovels' Top Collectors' Searches for 2009." If you deal in antiques, how could you stand to miss tidbits from America's well-respected antiques experts?
  • Auctiva: If you're reading this article, chances are you're interested in news from Auctiva. Why not get the scoop while you're on Twitter?

Still, even when you've tried to control them, tweets—just like sweets—are always going to be tempting and easy to overload on. Once you've created your own list of favorite sources of eBay information you'll need to watch your tweet consumption.

If you find you've still got too many tidbits to savor, simply pare your list, or create new lists to categorize your tweets. Twitter should be a valuable and easy-to-use source of great and stimulating information. It will be up to you to protect yourself from feeling overstuffed!

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