eBay Australia Introduces Changes

New auction pricing, return policy requirement reflect policies on U.S. site.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Feb 18, 2011

eBay Australia announced a few changes on the site that will affect sellers beginning next month.

Among the new policies are pricing changes similar to ones that have already gone into effect on the U.S. site. For instance, beginning in April, sellers who start their auctions at 99 cents will pay no insertion fees for their first 15 listings every month. Final value fees will also be capped at $49.95. And the marketplace will extend its Basic Store media fees to movies, TV shows, and games for all store levels. This means sellers will pay a 5-cent insertion fee and a flat 9.9 percent final value fee.

eBay Australia also announced that in March, Best Match will get a tune up to give buyers more relevant search results, and that it will turn off its old bulk edit and re-list tool. A new bulk editing tool, introduced in June, was well received and is available to users, according to eBay. Auctiva also offers a bulk editing feature, the Bulk Live-Listing Revision tool, to all users of Auctiva listing plans. With it, sellers can edit up to 100 listings at one time.

The bulk editing tools could come in handy for those working to comply with one final change announced by eBay Australia: Beginning in May, the site will require sellers to specify a handling time and return policy.

For more information on eBay's changes, please read the General Announcements.

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