Evan M. Burt

Evan M. Burt is a huge fan of e-commerce and the world of technology. He has a bachelor of journalism degree from Chico State. Despite being an avid science fiction junkie with dreams of traveling to the stars, he is still very much down to earth.

Opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of Auctiva Corp. or its principles.


Seeing the World in Black and White

Photographer loves to share his art.

by Evan M. Burt
- May 05, 2014

Electronics and Accessories Drive Business

eBay seller's secret to success lies in filling consumer niches.

by Evan M. Burt
- Feb 26, 2014

A Matter of Deduction

Tax changes promise simplicity for sellers.

by Evan M. Burt
- Jan 27, 2014
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