How to Add a Supplier

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Auctiva allows you to manage the supplier information within the Inventory feature. This tutorial will show you how to add a supplier.


You can add as many suppliers as necessary.

Step 1. Add a supplier.

  • Hover your mouse over the Sales tab and click on the "New Supplier" link under the Inventory heading (Figure 1). The Add Inventory Supplier page will load.

Figure 1. Go to the Add Inventory Supplier page.

Step 2. Edit supplier information.

  • Supplier Name: Enter the name of the supplier. This field is required.
  • Address Line 1: Enter a street address for the supplier.
  • Address Line 2: Enter the second line for the street address, if necessary.
  • City: Enter the supplier's city.
  • State/Province: Enter the supplier's state or province.
  • Country: Enter the supplier's country.
  • Phone: Enter a phone number where you can reach the supplier. This is required.
  • Other Phone: Enter a secondary phone number where you can reach the supplier.
  • Fax: Enter a fax number where you can reach the supplier.
  • Email: Enter the supplier's email address.
  • Website: Enter the supplier's URL.
  • Notes: Add notes about the supplier, if necessary.
  • Click on the Save button.

Figure 2. Supplier information.

Saved suppliers will be displayed on your Manage Inventory Suppliers page. This completes the task of adding a supplier.

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