How to Delete Images

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You can delete images on the Image Management page or you can use the Image Deletion wizard. The Image Deletion wizard is ideal for deleting old and unused images. If that is the task you need to perform, click on the Images tab to get to the Images page and click on the "Image Deletion Wizard" link near the bottom of the page. Otherwise, this tutorial will show you how to manually delete images.


If you accidentally delete images, they can be restored up to one week after the image was deleted. After one week, you will not be able to recover deleted images.

Step 1. Delete images.

  • Hover your mouse over the Images tab and click on the "Manage" link (Figure 1.1). The Image Management page will load.

Figure 1.1. Go to the Image Management page.

  • Find the image you want to delete. Use the filtering and search tools, if necessary (Figure 1.2-A).
  • Select the checkbox of the image you wish to delete (Figure 1.2-B). You can select multiple images, if necessary.
  • Click on the Delete button (Figure 1.2-C) to delete the selected image(s). A prompt will display that warns you of this action.
  • Click the OK button. A confirmation message will appear.

Figure 1.2. Filter and search tools (A). Image selection (B). Delete button (C).

This completes the task of deleting images.

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