How to Edit the Scrolling Gallery

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Auctiva's Scrolling Gallery allows you to promote other products you have for sale on eBay while buyers browse through one of your listings. This is a great cross-selling tool. You can customize the colors and text of the gallery styles Auctiva offers. This tutorial will show you how to edit your Scrolling Gallery.


The Scrolling Gallery is a cross-selling tool that displays a variety of your items. Buyers can use the Scrolling Gallery to see what additional listings you have to offer. A maximum of 50 items can scroll through the gallery, depending on the settings you choose. Your Scrolling Gallery is refreshed periodically as listings end, with listings that will be ending the soonest, unless you've chosen to hide or feature certain items. Hidden items will never appear in the Scrolling Gallery and featured items will always be given priority in the Scrolling Gallery. To learn how to hide or feature items, read the Edit Emporium Items tutorial. As listings end, new items are placed in the Scrolling Gallery. Scrolling Galleries can appear above or below the item description.


Follow these instructions to learn how to customize your Scrolling Gallery.

Step 1. Load the Scrolling Gallery Editor.

Note: You can change the Scrolling Gallery type, colors, text and placement using the Scrolling Gallery Editor. Styling changes will immediately be effective both for new listings and for existing listings on eBay. If you increase the number of items displayed or change the above/below positioning, those changes will only be applied to future listings.

  • Hover your mouse over the Gallery tab and click on the "Manage" link in the Scrolling Gallery section (Figure 1.1). The Scrolling Gallery Editor will load.

Figure 1.1. Go to the Scrolling Gallery Editor.

  • A preview of the Scrolling Gallery will load. Choose which items you want displayed in the preview (Figure 1.2). This is for preview purposes only.

Figure 1.2. Choose a Scrolling Gallery preview option.

Step 2. Pick a Scrolling Gallery style.

  • Click on the Style Options tab and then choose your preferred Scrolling Gallery style by clicking on the Single Row or the Double Row image. A preview of the chosen gallery style will be displayed at the top of the page.
  • Once you've made your Scrolling Gallery style selection, click on the Color Options tab (Figure 2-B) to edit the colors. Or, click the Save & Apply button if you're finished editing.

Figure 2. Scrolling Gallery style (A). Edit Gallery Color Options (B).

Step 3. Edit colors.

You can choose to edit the Scrolling Gallery colors by choosing custom colors, predefined colors, or patterned colors.

Note: It's highly recommended that you leave the "Match Scrolling Gallery Color to Template" option selected (Figure 3.1). This will ensure that your Scrolling Gallery will match your listing templates.

Figure 3.1. "Template Matching" option.

  • Choose a color or pattern: Click on the round button to the left of a color option to make a color selection. This will update the colors for the Scrolling Gallery and will display a preview of the change. The following options are available:
    • Custom Color (A): Select a color of your choosing (Figure 3.3-A).
    • Default Color (B): Quick selection of two standard predefined colors (Figure 3.3-B).
    • Pattern with Highlight Color (C): Patterned/textured colors (Figure 3.3-C). When choosing a pattern, the highlight color can be selected separately.

Figure 3.2. Custom color (A), Predefined colors (B), Patterned colors (C).

Custom color: Click on the round button to the left of the first color as shown. Click the color square and find the color you'd like to use, or enter in a color hexadecimal value in the "#" field (Figure 3.3). This will update the colors for the Scrolling Gallery and will display a preview of the change.

Figure 3.3. Hexadecimal color value.

  • When a custom color or default color is selected, the colors for the gallery tile background and side arrows will automatically be configured as a lighter shade of the selected color. When choosing a patterned color, please also choose a complementary highlight color if desired.
  • When you've finished editing the colors, click on the Customize Text tab (Figure 3.4-A) to move to the next section. Or, you can click on the Save & Apply button if you are finished editing the Scrolling Gallery.

Figure 3.4. Customize Text tab (A).

Step 4. Edit Text & Placement.

  • Gallery Title: Enter the text that will appear on the top of the Scrolling Gallery. This location is ideal for Auctiva Emporium branding.
  • Link Message: The bottom text displays a line below the Gallery Title or at the bottom of the Scrolling Gallery. This text is also a hyperlink to your Emporium. This text is ideal for encouraging users to visit your Emporium.
  • Empty Gallery Text: This text will display in place of items if the Scrolling Gallery cannot load your listings.

Choose the Scrolling Gallery position (Figure 4). Here are the options:

  • Above the Description: This option will place the Scrolling Gallery above the item description in the listing.
  • Below the Description: This option will place the Scrolling Gallery below the item description in the listing.

Figure 4. Scrolling Gallery position options.

  • Click on the Save & Apply button when you've finished with all your changes.

It's a good idea to view your Auctiva Emporium and any active listings to check for errors. It can take up to a few hours before your changes take effect on your eBay listings.

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