How to Manage Inventory Adjustments

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Auctiva allows you to adjust certain properties of an inventory item so that you can track changes in quantity and/or cost. This tutorial will show you how to manage inventory adjustments.


An inventory adjustment is a change in quantity and/or cost for a specific inventory item that does not change the initial values for the item. You can change the quantity, currency, unit cost, unit tax, unit shipping and other cost fields for an inventory item. Managing inventory adjustments is a useful way to track returns, errors and other inventory changes that occur.


New inventory adjustments are created in the Update Inventory Item page.

Step 1. Select an inventory item to adjust.

  • Hover your mouse over the eBay Sales tab and click on the "Manage Items" link under the Inventory heading (Figure 1.1). The Manage Inventory Items page will load.

Figure 1.1. Go to the Manage Inventory Items page.

  • Find the inventory item you want to adjust from the Manage Inventory Items section (Figure 1.2-A). Use the search tool if necessary.
  • In the Actions column, select the "Adjust Inventory" option from the drop-down menu for the inventory item you want to adjust (Figure 1.2-B). The Inventory Adjustment model will load.

Figure 1.2. Manage Inventory Items section (A). Actions drop-down menu (B).

Step 2. Edit new inventory adjustment.

  • Click on the "Advance" link to view all the Inventory Adjustment options.
  • Adjust Inventory: Select the "Increase" option if you wish to increase the quantity for this inventory item. Select the "Decrease" option if you wish to decrease the quantity for this inventory item. Make sure to enter the quantity into the blank field next to the drop-down menu.
  • Adjustment Reason: Choose the reason for making this inventory adjustment.
  • Quantity Adjustment Date: Change the date of the quantity adjustment, if necessary.
  • Supplier: Choose the appropriate supplier from the drop-down menu, if necessary.
  • Currency: Choose the appropriate currency from the drop-down menu provided, if necessary.
  • Unit Cost: Enter the cost-per-unit. This field is required.
  • Unit Tax: Enter the appropriate tax information, if necessary.
  • Unit Shipping: Enter the shipping cost, if necessary.
  • Other Costs: Enter any other cost associated with this item.
  • Notes: Enter adjustment notes you want to associate with this item. This can be a good field to expand on any additional adjustment reasons.
  • Click the Save button when finished. The Manage Inventory Items page will load.

In the case of an error or some other reason, you can edit inventory adjustments. Hover your mouse over the Sales tab and click on the "Manage Adjustments" link under the Inventory section. The Manage Inventory Adjustments page will load. Find the adjustment you want to edit and choose the "Edit" option from the Actions drop-down menu. Make any changes that are necessary and click on the Save button.

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