How to Schedule Listings

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Auctiva can automatically post your scheduled listings for you. This is especially useful around busier times of the year, such as holiday shopping seasons. This tutorial will show you how to schedule listings.


You can schedule a listing from the Saved Listings folder or directly from the Auctiva One-Page Lister. Start at Step 1 if you want to schedule multiple saved listings. Otherwise, if you are creating a new listing or editing a listing, you can simply click on the Schedule button (Figure 1.1) at the bottom of the lister to load the listing in the Campaign Scheduler. If you choose this method, skip to Step 2.

Figure 1.1. Schedule a listing from the lister.

Step 1. Find the listing(s) you want to schedule.

  • Hover your mouse over the Listings tab and click on the "Saved" link (Figure 1.2). The Auctiva Saved Listings page will load.

Figure 1.2. Schedule a listing from the Saved Listings folder.

  • Find the listing(s) you wish to schedule in the Saved Listings section. Use the "Filter Listings" options (Figure 1.3-A) if necessary to find the listing(s).
  • Select the checkbox associated with the listing(s) (Figure 1.3-B).
  • Click on the Schedule button (Figure 1.3-C) to load the listing(s) into the Campaign Scheduler.

Figure 1.3. Filter listings (A). Select listings to schedule (B). Click on the Schedule button (C).

Step 2. Schedule your listing.

  • Posting Date: Click on this field to display the Calendar (Figure 2-A) or simply enter the date you want your listing(s) to launch. You will also be able to specify the time of day in this calendar or in the field. The time zone will display next to this field (Figure 2-B). You may want to double-check that it is correct. You can change the time zone in your Account Settings.
  • Schedule Type: Choose "Post all at once" if you are scheduling only one item or posting multiple items at the same time. Choose the "Post incrementally" option only if you are posting multiple listings and you want to space the posts out over time. With this option selected, you can choose the increment of time from the drop-down menu (Figure 2-C). You can also reorder listings using the arrows associated with each listing (Figure 2-D). Check the Scheduled Post Time column (Figure 2-E) to make sure that the order and schedule is correct.
  • Retry: In the event that the listing(s) cannot be successfully posted, choose the amount of time period for which the Campaign Scheduler will continue to try to post the listing(s). After that time period is complete, if the Scheduler was unable to successfully post on eBay, it will no longer try to post the listing.
  • Click on the Schedule button and a prompt will appear. Click on the OK button to finish scheduling the listing(s).

Figure 2. Calendar (A). Time zone (B). Incremental posts (C). Order arrows (D). Check scheduled time (E).

This completes the task of scheduling listings. You can always edit the schedule if necessary from the Auctiva Scheduled Listings page. To get to this page, hover the mouse over the Listings tab and click on the "Scheduled" link.

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