Auctiva Culture

Auctiva softball has employees swinging for the fences. Auctiva staff members visit the Great Wall of China. Celebrating with in Hangzhou, China. Auctivians enjoy the flavors of China.

Creativity Encouraged


Auctivians enjoy a number of extracurricular activities. Whether we're swinging for the fences on the softball field, chowing down at potlucks and barbecues, attending holiday parties, or competing in company foosball contests, we make sure team-building doesn't just take place in the meeting rooms.

Ice Cream Party

Room To Grow

As Auctiva grows as a company, we continue to improve upon existing products and services and remain focused on forging ahead with innovative new ideas. We place a great deal of importance on finding like-minded individuals who strive not only to gain experience and grow with the company, but to provide quality products and services for our customers.

What Our Employees Say:

  • "I love the atmosphere here at Auctiva. My co-workers are friendly, smart and a whole lot of fun. I'm always learning something new and growing as a person." -Olga

  • "What I enjoy most about working at Auctiva is the encouragement given to make myself the best at what I do. I am able to expand my knowledge and expertise of technologies I work with and am encouraged to grow and become a real craftsman. At Auctiva I feel like I am an investment and know that I am valued as an essential part of the company." -Jason
    Web Designer

  • "My favorite part about working at Auctiva has to be the professional growth they've afforded me. I'm always working on new projects, and adding to my responsibilities and skill set. It's a great environment to work in as well; it's a fun and easy-going workplace, but we're still driven by results, making it all the more rewarding when we accomplish our goals." -Andrew