Ask Auctiva: Why Use Auctiva's Multi-Variation Tool?

Tom Urbanowicz answers this and other questions from Auctiva customers.

by staff writer
- Feb 25, 2010

I've been using eBay to create multi-variation listings. I see that Auctiva now has a Multi-Variation Tool. Why should I use yours?

—Vacillating in Veracruz

Urbanowicz: One of the key advantages of Auctiva's Multi-Variation Tool is the ability to use our time-saving One-Page Lister. You not only capitalize on reduced eBay listing fees, but the listing process through Auctiva is efficient. Multiple teams collaborated to incorporate this easy-to-use feature it into our core functionality. We've also created our Variation Generator, which can greatly speed the task of creating a listing with many variations. We're pleased to have this significant intuitive, time-saving tool available to sellers.

Is Auctiva planning to add anymore applications to eBay's Selling Manager toolbox?

—Tooling Up in Tillamook

Urbanowicz: Yes, we are currently developing another Selling Manager application. We also have more ideas on the drawing board. A significant number of users have been pleased with our free Auctiva Find & Replace tool. Selling Manager applications are just one more way we can help eBay sellers market their products and sell efficiently through eBay.

As an Auctiva Commerce user, I received an e-mail announcing the launch of Auctiva's new marketplace. What's the next step in the development of the platform?

—Got My Attention in Gary

Urbanowicz: Our team working on the Auctiva Marketplace Platform will increase its attention on making a feature-rich marketplace. Intended to showcase a marketplace that can be created on the Auctiva Marketplace Platform, will be a destination where buyers can have a seamless shopping experience. Concurrently, our Auctiva Commerce team will be improving merchant-side functionality and improving sales. The combined efforts of these teams will ultimately generate traffic and sales for Auctiva Commerce merchants.

Auctiva 101 Webinars provide breaking news on new features, such as multi-variation listings

I noticed an EDU article about the "Auctiva 101" Webinars. Are there any guidelines for what topics can be broached in that format?

—Studious in Stockport

Urbanowicz: As you would expect, we're looking to keep the Webinars informative for all attendees. With the dozens of questions that roll in each session, the team has done a great job in not just handling the "easy" questions, but also those that are common, timely or highly-relevant to the attendees. These Webinars also provide breaking news on new features, such as multi-variation listings. Specific questions about your account or a specific listing should still be handled through our Support department—either by e-mail, live chat or phone. But, in general, any question that other users might benefit from hearing answered is fair game.

You've previously mentioned Auctiva is developing an iPhone app. Are we getting close to its release? And what will I be able to do with the app?

—On the Go in Orlando

Urbanowicz: We are very close to the release of the iPhone app. Our internal testing has been very successful. We're just "polishing" it before we submit it to the iPhone App Store. With the iPhone Lister app, you will be able to photograph an item, briefly describe it, associate it with a listing profile and then upload it as a basic listing to for completion and posting/scheduling. We're hoping this will be a great help, especially if you're clearing out inventory in your warehouse, storage unit or closet. We're looking forward to your feedback when it's released.

According to eBay's recently announced changes, listing fees will vary based on store subscription status. Can you give any advice as to whether I should have an eBay Store or not?

—Confused in Cairns

Urbanowicz: The ideal advice varies based on your business model and key variables like sales volume. If you're a high-volume seller, the general recommendation is to have a store. However, there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation. A recent Auctiva blog discusses the many factors you should weigh in your decision-making process.

What tools does Auctiva have to help me adjust my listings before eBay's changes take effect March 30?

—Hurried in Hartford

Urbanowicz: As an eBay third-party certified provider, we're already planning ahead to support upcoming eBay changes. For example, our edit relist functionality will allow you to efficiently remove subtitles to avoid additional eBay listing fees. We're also staged to handle other changes, such as store items and return policy. A recent Auctiva EDU article lists some specific Auctiva tools you can use to make a lot of changes quickly.

We're very privileged to have not only weathered, but grown the company during these difficult economic times

I noticed you added Sellathon statistics to some of your Auctiva plans. Does this mean is going away?

—Counting in Columbus

Urbanowicz: is not going away. In fact, we recently made a significant change that improves the performance and up-time of the Sellathon database. However, we are focusing our efforts on integrating Sellathon data within Users on the Premium Plan should be able to improve their selling strategies with this additional statistical insight. This is just a single example of our continual efforts to provide additional value to our listing plans.

There's a link on my Auctiva Dashboard for a $50 credit toward Google AdWords. What's the catch?

—Scrupulous in Scandicci

Urbanowicz: Truly, there's no catch. If you haven't yet created a Google AdWords account, this is for you. It's no surprise that Google's pay-per-click advertisements have revolutionized sales for many online sellers. We recently partnered with Google AdWords to offer a $50 first-time-user credit to our Premium Plan users. You can redeem your coupon code here (login required). Using keywords, Google AdWords provides targeted advertising on both Google and Google's advertising network. You define your advertising budget and only pay when people click on one of your advertisements.

The economy has been tough. I see it reflected in my sales. How is Auctiva faring?

—Earnest in Edmonton

Urbanowicz: At Auctiva, we're very privileged to have not only weathered, but grown the company during these difficult economic times. We have been actively hiring, supporting professional development and keeping current with leading technologies. We have expanded our business offerings around our core competency of e-commerce and Web development. At the same time, we've tightened focus for individual products. Teams across the company are keen on continually improving their products and processes. As the economic climate shifts, we're looking forward to improved sales for all our users.

I've been away from eBay for a while, but I'm looking to start up again. How can I find out about what I've missed on the Auctiva front?

—Out of the Loop in Los Angeles

Urbanowicz: First of all, welcome back! To get your bearings again, I suggest you browse through the Auctiva Education section. You may also want to subscribe to our regularly updated blog and follow us on Twitter. Also, be sure to join us at one of our Auctiva 101 Webinars. While you will see various announcements for these, you can also check on your account Dashboard for the date and time of the next scheduled Webinar. These hour-long sessions are a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with Auctiva's features, such as our new Multi-Variation Tool, and ask questions. Finally, we just happen to be hosting an eBay Workshop this Thursday at 11 a.m. PST. Our Product Analyst and Top-rated Seller Rebecca Miller and Communications Manager Robert Green will walk attendees through a number of our latest features and take questions. Even if you can't attend the Workshop, you may still want to visit, as eBay will keep the content up for some time afterward.

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