'Auctiva 101' Classes Launched

Company opens weekly Webinar series to all users.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Feb 18, 2010

Sellers who need a little extra help getting the most from their Auctiva accounts can take advantage of Auctiva 101, Auctiva's new Webinar series.

All Auctiva users are invited to attend the weekly Webinars, which begin today. After a successful pilot program aimed at new users, management decided to extend the Webinars to all customers to provide another venue to hear from Auctiva experts and get their questions answered. Seating is limited to 1,000 attendees per Webinar.

"Our customers asked a lot of good questions about eBay, our templates, our new features, how to get the most from their accounts, etc.," says Tom Urbanowicz, Auctiva's director of engineering. "And they gave us a lot of valuable feedback, which tells us this pilot program was very helpful. Providing excellent customer service is a priority here at Auctiva. We're invested in doing everything we can to help our users get the help they need to achieve their goals, and this is just another way to do that."

Auctiva constantly refines its software and adds new features, and when appropriate, the new Webinars will be another venue to introduce users to these new tools and give them the opportunity to ask questions as they learn to use Auctiva features.

"This will be a place where we can really dig into how to use and get the most benefit from the features we offer," says Senior Product Manager Tony Maxey.

The Webinars will also give customers a chance to hear directly from Auctiva developers and managers.

Mike Davies, Auctiva's customer support manager, will host the webinars, which will include a question and answer segment, as well as demonstrations on how to use Auctiva's tools.

"In his role as our customer support manager, Mike is very involved in all aspects of our software and aware of the most common questions our users have, so he is a great resource," Maxey says. "Having him as our host was a no-brainer."

"Even as we piloted this Webinar series with a smaller number of attendees, users kept us busy for the entire Q&A session," Davies says. "I'm looking forward to opening up the Webinars to a more diversified group and help more users at once."

For him, one of the best parts about the Webinars has been the varying levels of familiarity with Auctiva products among attendees.

"The questions asked by some of the more seasoned users are questions that some of the newer users would likely need to ask down the road," he explains.

Currently Webinars are scheduled for Thursdays at 5 p.m. PST, but the time and day may change based on feedback Auctiva receives to accommodate users' schedules. The focus for this week's event will be on creating multi-variation listings, a complex feature Auctiva began supporting this week.

Users can get more information on the weekly Webinars by signing into their Auctiva Dashboards.

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