Auctiva Increases Flexibility

Tools enable greater range for creating and updating listings.

by staff writer
- Nov 19, 2009

With the holidays drawing near, Auctiva has released several new features that will help its customers prepare for the upcoming selling frenzy.

The new features are being introduced to provide Auctiva users more flexibility when they create and update listings.

One of these is Auctiva's new Advanced Relist Editing tool, which allows users to edit most of the fields in closed listings before relisting them. While in the past, users could only edit the title, duration, starting price and reserve price in closed listings, now they can edit all of these fields, plus subtitles, shipping costs, listing formats, descriptions and even categories before relisting, notes Senior Product Manager Tony Maxey.

"This is a feature that lots of customers have asked us for on our feature request page," Maxey says. "That's understandable, because this feature really gives folks more flexibility when they go to relist an item."

In order to use the new feature, users must have created the original eBay listing in Auctiva.

Advanced Relist Editing will be a time- and money-saver for sellers who've ever wanted to make alterations to their closed listings but didn't have a way to fix them without starting from scratch, says Auctiva Product Analyst Rebecca Miller.

We are really pleased to get our site updated to provide our users this functionality

"How many times have you misspelled a word or forgot to mention something, or you didn't have enough photos on the original listing and it didn't sell?" Miller asks. "Now you can go in and fix those mistakes and relist."

However, eBay's standard rules for relist credits apply.

"If you basically create a new listing, you aren't going to get the credit," she explains.

Another feature that will save Auctiva users time, and prevent frustrations, is the new auto-save feature. This addition to the description editor in the one-page lister will automatically save customers' work at frequent intervals so they won't have to start from scratch if they lose power, or encounter connectivity issues while creating or editing listings.

More ways to customize

To help make listings more eye-catching for holiday buyers, Auctiva's designers have also created several new eBay templates. A variety of choices, available now, include holiday themes as well as designs for any time of year. Read more about the new templates from Auctiva designer Amber Miller on our blog.

And sellers will now be able to exclude international ship-to locations when they create a listing. The new feature allows sellers to override global ship-to exclusions settings on their My eBay page on a listing-by-listing basis.

"This is another instance where eBay introduces a new feature and then gives third-party developers like us a way to add additional value," Maxey says. "We are really pleased to get our site updated to provide our users this functionality this quickly."

To help users get the most from the many new features Auctiva has introduced in the recent months Auctiva also expanded its FAQs. And more improvements are on the way. "Users can expect to see an update from us again in early 2010 with more features they have been asking us for," Maxey adds.

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