Auctiva's Template Library Keeps Growing

Customers get more options to dress up eBay listings.

by staff writer
- May 12, 2010

Auctiva has partnered with, which means Auctiva sellers have more templates to choose from when they create new listings.

Auction Boutique has provided listing templates to eBay sellers for years, and now Auctiva users will have access to the top 21 designs in addition to Auctiva's 1,700+ original templates. The new templates are sure to make sellers happy, says Auctiva Senior Product Manager Tony Maxey.

"Our 12+ years of experience helping eBay sellers have driven home the fact that great looking templates are a great tool for sellers," he explains. "They make your eBay listings look better and sell better."

This is one reason why Auctiva has introduced new template designs three separate times in the past two months, giving sellers more than 50 new template styles and designs.

Auctiva customers are already enjoying the newest batch of templates, Maxey confirms.

This collection has a good variety of looks and styles, and that should give it broad appeal

"These templates are still new to our site, but we are already hearing from customers who are delighted with them," he says. "We just want to get the word out that this popular Auction Boutique collection is available right now, so that more people can take advantage of them. This collection has a good variety of looks and styles, and that should give it broad appeal."

There are no set plans to add more templates right now, but this could change in the future, Maxey says.

"If customers ask us for more of them, we will definitely listen to that feedback," he explains.

They might just do that. One Auctiva user on the Community Forums writes, "I noticed these last night and thought they were awesome."

But keeping Auctiva's template library organized is just as important as adding to it. That's why designers are re-categorizing templates to make them easier to find.

"Our categories got to be quite a mess. There were a lot of templates in categories where they did not belong," says Lead Designer Chrystal Jaeger. "So we added some new categories and basically are doing a big clean up. With more than 1,700 templates, we need to make it as easy as possible to sort through them.

"We're also weeding out some of the outdated templates and checking for errors as we go along," she continues. "We want to make sure we have good templates that are easy to find."

Click here and select "From Auction Boutique" to view the new templates, which are available to Auctiva customers on the Basic, Unlimited and Premium plans, as well as those on Auctiva's Free Trial.

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