Auctiva Takes its Cue from Customers

Latest software update includes several user-requested features.

by staff writer
- Apr 28, 2010

Auctiva customers may notice that features they requested are now available, following the software's latest enhancement cycle, which will help sellers create better shopping experiences and make it easier to manage their eBay listings right from their Auctiva accounts.

Sellers can now add up to 12 gallery images to their listings, giving shoppers multiple views of their items right in eBay's search results—a potentially big draw for buyers, says Senior Product Manager Tony Maxey. These clickable images display below the main image of a listing in both search results and when shoppers click on the listing. Using these gallery images, in combination with Auctiva's new super-Supersized photos, will allow shoppers to see the smallest detail of an item.

"These optional gallery images can help increase your sales because potential buyers can quickly view the images on eBay without having to scroll down to the description to see the images in your listing," Maxey explains. "It provides a nice buyer experience, and it lets sellers offer that good buyer experience right from"

However, sellers should be aware that adding gallery images may result in additional fees, so Maxey advises they check eBay's fees page before adding them to a listing.

Auctiva users have been asking for this feature for some time. In fact, Maxey saw a forum post in which an Auctiva customer suggested adding this feature, just days before the feature's release.

"We're working to be as responsive as we can," Maxey continues. "So I'm excited that we were able to knock out something that was high up on our customers' priority list."

User-requested enhancements

One feature that Auctiva Product Analyst Rebecca Miller was happy to see included in this update cycle is the ability to manage recently used categories. Miller personally crusaded for this feature, knowing that this small addition would make a big difference for long-time sellers.

"We got that suggestion right from our New Feature Center," she says. "It makes sense. If you list in a lot of different categories, over the years, that list can get very long, so sorting through it as you create new listings can be tedious."

But now sellers can manage the list, deleting some, or all of their recently used categories, right on the One-Page Lister, with just a few clicks.

Customers have also been clamoring for a modification to Auctiva's Auto-Feedback feature that would allow them to leave feedback for buyers right after receiving payment for items, instead of having to wait until buyers left them feedback—and now they can do just that, Miller continues.

Doing more from

Another highlight of this release cycle was giving sellers the ability to do more right from their Auctiva accounts, without having to go to the eBay site. Now sellers can enter tracking information on their Auctiva Transaction page and the information will be sent directly to eBay, where buyers can view it. They'll also be able to view their Seller Performance Summary right in their Auctiva accounts.

"What we wanted to do was give Auctiva users this information so they don't have to jump from Auctiva to their eBay account to get it," Maxey notes. "It's just another way we hope to better serve our customers."

For complete details on Auctiva's latest enhancements, please read this forum post.

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