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Auctiva tools give you more bang for your buck.

by staff writer
- Jul 13, 2009

Auctiva has several tools to help your listings catch buyers' attention as they browse for the items they want—and some of these tools are free. You can't beat that.

Auctiva's eBay tools will help you get the most for your money. They'll bring you customers without taking away from your bottom line.

Open a window to your offerings

The Auctiva Scrolling Gallery is just one of the tools available for free to every Auctiva user. It lets sellers show off other items they have listed on eBay while potential buyers check out the items that initially caught their eyes. In one phrase: The Scrolling Gallery is a great cross-selling tool.

These rotating store windows can be customized to match or coordinate with the listing templates sellers have selected. You can have up to 16 items displayed in your gallery at a time, and goods are replaced with new merchandise as products sell. You can also customize your message on the frame of the Scrolling Gallery to invite buyers to click inside. Auctiva also lets users decide where in their listing they will place this tool.

Show 'em your stuff

When buyers click on your Auctiva Scrolling Gallery (also known as the Auctiva Store Window), they are instantly transported into your free Auctiva Store—a Web site that displays everything you currently have listed on eBay through Auctiva. The free Auctiva Store is a great opportunity to cross-sell your merchandise and brand your business.

Just like a custom Web store, you have the ability to enter "about us" and "contact us" information that lets buyers know you're a trustworthy seller. A blog section allows you create a community within your store, draw attention to new listings and promotions, or impress buyers with your knowledge about your product niche. And every time you create a blog entry, Auctiva will submit it to Google Directory to help boost your ranking in search engines.

What's more, every Auctiva Store has a unique URL that you can use to promote your business. If you purchase a custom domain, Auctiva will point it to your Auctiva Store, giving your brand a big boost. Your store also links potential customers to your feedback profile so they can get to know you even more.

Make a good first impression

Shoppers are more likely to buy from sellers who have attractive listings

Auctiva's eBay templates make listings pop—a necessity when you consider the millions of listings that go up on eBay every day. With more than 1,700 templates available, sellers are sure to find the right fit for their business. And keep in mind that first impressions count for any business. Shoppers are more likely to buy from sellers who have attractive listings, a sign of a serious merchant.

Templates come included in both of Auctiva's fixed-rate listing plans, which start at $2.95/month.

Gain valuable insight

Auctiva's free Sellathon counter allows you to track the number of bids and watches your listings are getting. Knowing this information will help you know which listings are effective and which could use a little more polishing to pique buyers' interest. Counters also help you identify hot items and let you know if you should order more of those T-shirts you put up for sale the other day.

Auctiva's reports are another tool you can use to hone your listings, and make sure your offerings are well received. Auctiva allows you to create reports based on the criteria you choose, such as hits, bids, watches, format or start price, and use the information to set goals or optimize your performance.

Reach out and touch buyers

More than just a time-saver, auto e-mails also help maximize your profits by allowing you to publicize any promotions you may have, offer up-sells and improve your chances of generating repeat business. You might even use these e-mails to invite customers to visit your Auctiva Store—or your Auctiva Commerce Store—to check out your other offerings. Remember that this feature is free with an Auctiva account—and you can't hear that word too many times.

Auctiva's e-mails are customizable so you can build and foster good relationships with your buyers. In today's social-networking world, it's all about connecting with your customers and building your buying communities.

And if you who want to diversity your selling venues and profits, Auctiva Commerce Stores can help. These off-eBay stores are completely customizable and offer several features to grow your e-business, including auto e-mails, PayPal payment options, an easy-to-use image uploader and more. eBay offers only one type of store, and it lacks the ability to track inventory and consignment activity.

As you can see, Auctiva helps you get the most out of your listings and offers you additional ways to increase your e-business, even off eBay. And isn't it great to have more options? We think so.

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