Auctiva Adds Shipping Labels

Much-requested feature will save sellers time and money.

by staff writer
- Aug 29, 2011

Auctiva sellers can now print USPS postage for their eBay shipments without leaving their Auctiva accounts—and they can do it without signing up for an external postage provider or paying additional fees, thanks to Auctiva's new Integrated Shipping Labels feature.

The new feature is accessible on Auctiva's newly redesigned Sales Page, which Auctiva customers can enable by logging into their Sales page. The Integrated Shipping Label feature will help Auctiva customers save time and money when they ship through USPS, says Auctiva Product Analyst Rebecca Miller.

"Now sellers won't have to go back to eBay, or log into PayPal to print a label. They can basically click one button on their Sales page, and the Integrated Shipping tool will open, ready to generate a label with postage," she explains.

Sellers can print USPS shipping labels for both domestic and international shipments with the new feature, including First Class International. No additional fees are tacked on for using the feature—sellers pay only for the postage they buy, using funds in their Auctiva accounts—and there's no need to sign up with a third-party postage provider. Additionally, printing labels through Auctiva will save on postage cost compared to USPS retail, Miller adds.

We want to make managing transactions as easy as possible

'An easy workflow'

To begin using Auctiva's Integrated Shipping Labels, sellers must first navigate to the new, sleeker Sales page by logging into Most users are already being directed to the new Sales page, but if not, they will need to click the link that reads, "Print USPS shipping labels from the new and improved sales page!" Then, after ensuring there are enough funds in their Auctiva accounts to pay for the labels they need to print, customers can click on the button that looks like a barcode (this will say "Get Shipping Label" when mousing over it), to specify if they want to purchase postage for a domestic or international shipment.

The "from" and "to" address fields should automatically populate, further lessening the work sellers have to do, Miller adds. Next, merchants enter the shipping details (e.g., shipping service, ship date, weight, etc.), and click the "Calculate Rate" button. Then they can print their shipping labels.

"It's an easy workflow that we think sellers will be very happy with," Miller says. "Auctiva customers have been asking for this feature for a long time, and we're happy to make it a reality."

To help as many sellers as possible, Auctiva is making the Integrated Shipping Label feature available to both paid and free Auctiva users.

An improved sales page

Though the new Integrated Shipping Label feature is the "big star" of the new Sales page, the entire redesign makes managing sales easier, Miller notes. She explains that the redesigned page makes performing actions in bulk, like purchasing Auctiva Shipping Insurance, sending e-mails to buyers and adding tracking and delivery confirmation, a snap.

Sellers will also notice that the new page has a sleeker, cleaner look to it.

"We've replaced the clunky links with easy-to-read buttons," she says. "Another cool feature is the way the header 'sticks' at the top of the page, so you don't need to constantly scroll up and down the page when you need to take action on a transaction."

Eventually Auctiva will replace all of its listing pages to match the new look of the Sales page.

"We want to make managing transactions as easy as possible," Miller says.

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