Auctiva Steps Up to More eBay Changes

Software release focuses on compliance and feature expansion.

by staff writer
- Oct 29, 2008

Responding to the barrage of rapid-fire changes announced by eBay, Auctiva has updated its listing management software to ensure users are in compliance.

The update, being released Oct. 29, addresses a number of new policies that will affect everything from what sellers can charge for shipping to the way fees are assessed on fixed-price listings. Most of eBay's changes will roll out between now and early next year.

For example, the Auctiva lister will reflect eBay's recently mandated shipping caps for media items, as well as the requirement that sellers specify handling time and a return policy starting in January.

"Compliance with eBay is our top priority—and we continually make changes to keep the Auctiva lister as closely in synch with eBay as possible," says Chief Executive Officer Jeff Schlicht. "Our goal is to ensure that people who use Auctiva to list on eBay in the U.S. and the international sites we support can take advantage of all the features eBay offers through Auctiva."

With this release, Auctiva is rolling out the new "Best Offer" listing option for eBay's U.S., U.K. and Canadian sites, and will be one of the first third-party developers to roll out this option for eBay's Australian and German sites.

Additionally, in response to user feedback, Auctiva has reverted its hit counters to the Sellathon counters users prefer. And the counters' links will take buyers directly to sellers' Sellathon Gallery page, which provides their items additional traffic.

Functionality has also been added that provides a framework to support future products—such as the soon-to-be released Auctiva Commerce.

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