eBay Introduces Compliance Site

Non-compliant GTC listings will be cancelled.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Oct 15, 2009

eBay has launched a new site where sellers can quickly check their listings to ensure they comply with the new handling time and return policy requirements.

While these requirements have been in effect for months for most listings, Good 'Til Cancelled listings had until Sept. 22 to comply. On eBay's new Seller Communication Site, sellers simply click a link to download a file of their listings that need revising to meet the requirements. The site also provides a small list of exceptions to this new regulation.

eBay has confirmed it will begin ending non-compliant listings.

When eBay initially announced the requirements, Auctiva developers worked quickly to adjust Auctiva's One-Page Lister to include fields for return policies and handling time in synch with eBay's changes. As a result, all new listings are compliant with the new regulations. Good 'Til Cancelled listings originally posted before eBay's changes took effect are the only ones in question.

Auctiva has taken several steps to inform its customers about the new requirement by reaching out via e-mails, forum posts, blogs and Auctiva EDU articles.

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