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How to ensure your eBay shipments are covered, whether domestic or international

by staff writer
- May 06, 2013

Insuring your eBay shipments just makes sense. For a small investment, you get the peace of mind of knowing you can recover an item's value if it gets lost, stolen or damaged on the way to its buyer.

Auctiva Shipping Insurance makes it easy to insure your eBay items, even those destined for international locations. And the same amount of coverage costs less than buying it from USPS. Shipping via First Class International? USPS won't even cover that, but we will—up to $1,000 in value.

Auctiva offers rates that are significantly lower than the post office—policies typically cost less than 3 percent of the item's value. And the higher the value, the more you'll save by purchasing insurance through Auctiva.

Convenient and flexible solution

But we do more than just save you money. Auctiva Shipping Insurance also saves you time. Our Auto-Insure Rules let you set your Auctiva account to automatically purchase insurance for all your eBay items, or just those that meet conditions you set.

Set your account to automatically buy insurance for eBay items, or you can insure items up to 72 hours after the recorded ship date

Need to buy a single policy? You can save time by doing this in the same step when you print your shipping label in Auctiva. Just check the box at the bottom of the label creation page and enter the item's value. When you purchase and print your label, an insurance policy will automatically be generated for that item.

If you print your labels with eBay, you can still use Auctiva Shipping Insurance. Just make sure to uncheck eBay's option to purchase USPS insurance before you print the label.

Even if you decide you want to insure an item after it's already been shipped, you have that flexibility. Policies can be purchased up to 72 hours after the carrier's recorded ship date.

Shipping insurance success tips

Should you ever need to file an insurance claim, our online process makes it simple and convenient. Here are some tips to make sure potential claims go smoothly:

Double-box breakables. When shipping fragile items, be sure to pack them securely in a box and then pack that box securely inside another sturdy shipping box. This extra insulation not only protects the item, it protects you. Shipping insurance doesn't cover damage to items that were not adequately packaged.

Take one last picture. You provide quality images of your items to give buyers peace of mind about what they are buying. Now take one more picture of your item securely packed in the box before you seal it up for shipping. If you later need to file an insurance claim, photos showing the care you took with your packaging can help bring a favorable outcome.

Get proof of shipping. If you need to file a claim, you'll have to be able to prove you actually shipped the item. Simply slapping stamps on the box or envelope won't cut it.

If you buy postage at the post office counter, it's worth the extra fee to add Delivery Confirmation or another traceable service

The most efficient way to get proof of shipping is to create an electronic record by purchasing your shipping labels online. You can do this through eBay, USPS or directly from your Auctiva account. As we mentioned above, when you purchase a label in Auctiva, you can add shipping insurance in the same step.

If you buy postage at the post office counter, it's worth the extra fee to add Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation or another traceable method that's available for your shipping service.

Be aware of international rules. The rules for filing claims can vary for international shipments. For example, claims for lost shipments originating from the U.S. or Canada require a waiting period of 45 days before claims can be filed (or 60 days for shipments to Italy). It's a good idea to review how the rules apply to your specific situation before filing a claim.

You can start insuring your eBay items through Auctiva today. Just enable Auctiva Shipping Insurance on your Account Settings page. While you're there, set your Auto-Insure Rules and get the peace of mind of knowing your shipments are covered.

For a step-by-step guide to setting up Auctiva Shipping Insurance, please read our shipping insurance tutorial or watch our 3-minute video tutorial.

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