Auctiva Tool Tip: Time-Saving Profiles

Load often-repeated information instantly to make listing a breeze.

by staff writer
- Jul 29, 2013

Listing with Auctiva is so easy and fast, it hardly seems possible that it could be any simpler to create an eBay listing. And yet, there's one often-overlooked Auctiva feature that can literally cut your work to a few mouse clicks: Profiles.

Auctiva's time-saving Profiles let you store often-repeated information that corresponds to specific areas of the lister. For example, if you use the same shipping services or payment information time after time, you can save this and other repeatable information, and instantly load it into the lister when you need it. Used in combination, Auctiva Profiles let you put together entire listings from stored information.

With just a little bit of effort up front, Auctiva Profiles can save you untold hours in the long run. If you haven't tried our Profiles feature, it's worth checking out. Here's a rundown of the different profiles and how to use them.

Item Details Profile

You can make as many profiles as you like; be sure to give each one a name you'll easily recognize when you're creating listings

The first time you open the Item Details Profile, you might think you accidentally opened the lister because it looks very much like the lister form. With the Item Details Profile, you can create the core of a listing, store it and reuse it to your heart's delight.

Item Details Profiles let you save your listing site, listing format, title, subtitle, categories, item condition, description, consignment information, images, price, duration and template, and you can even assign an Auto-Relist Profile that tells Auctiva under what conditions to automatically relist the item.

So if you frequently list items for which many of the main listing fields would be the same, the Item Details Profile is the way to go. Just fill in whatever information applies, name the profile and save it. You can make as many profiles as you like; be sure to give each one a name you'll easily recognize when you're creating listings.

Marketing Profile

The Marketing Profile is where you select the visibility extras you want to pay eBay for. Here, you can elect to add features like Bold, Gallery Plus, International Site Visibility and other add-ons, otherwise known as listing enhancements. See a green currency symbol? That means eBay charges a fee to add the feature to your listing. Check eBay's fee schedule for specific pricing.

Marketing features will vary depending on which eBay site you are listing on. The Marketing Profile defaults to the eBay site you have enabled in your Auctiva account settings. If you plan to use the profile for another eBay site, be sure to toggle to the correct site using the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the profile page before selecting and saving your information.

Shipping Profile

If you tend to enter the same shipping information over and over for certain types of listings, the Shipping Profile will simplify this for you. You can save your location, handling time, locations you'll ship to or to exclude, shipping services you'll offer and their cost, even shipping insurance information.

Like the other profiles, many of the options available will depend on which eBay site you have selected. This makes it easy to create Shipping Profiles for all the different eBay sites you sell on.

Using a Master Profile, it's possible to create a complete listing with a single mouse click

Checkout Profile

Use the Checkout Profile to save accepted payment methods, sales tax and return policy information. Do you offer different return policies depending on the type of item? Accept different payment methods for certain categories? Sell on different eBay sites? Save your variations in the Checkout Profile and save a lot of time re-entering that information each time you list.

Put them all together in a Master Profile

Any of the profiles we've told you about will save you boatloads of time. But you can realize even more time savings by combining your profiles into Master Profiles.

Using a Master Profile, it's possible to create a complete listing with a single mouse click.

Master Profiles can contain any or all of the profiles outlined above, in various combinations. You can create as many masters as you need for specific product lines, categories, listing formats, eBay sites or whatever suits your purpose.

To create a Master Profile, go to the Master Profile page from the Profiles menu, use the drop-downs to load in the applicable profiles you've already created, give your Master Profile a recognizable name and save it.

Now when you're ready to create a new listing, just load the Master Profile you need using the drop-down in the upper left corner of the Auctiva lister. It really does make listing with Auctiva even faster and easier than before.

Learn more about Profiles in our Tutorials section. And check back here often for more tips to help you save time and money selling on eBay.

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