MasterCard Invites Development

Company hopes to spur innovation in e-commerce and mobile apps.

by staff writer
- May 28, 2010

MasterCard wants independent developers to explore its technology, dream up new e-commerce and mobile apps, and build these apps using its Application Programming Interfaces.

MasterCard this week announced a new developer portal that will give independent developers access to technical documentation, software development kits, sample source code, reference guides and a "virtual sandbox" to test applications.

While MasterCard has opened its APIs internally in the past, resulting in the creation of apps like MasterCard ATM Hunger and MasterCard Easy Savings, the company wanted to see what outside developers could create if given the opportunity.

"We are excited about tapping into the ingenuity of software developers around the globe to help create the next generation of game-changing payment applications," notes Josh Peirez, MasterCard's chief innovation officer. "We feel this will unleash innovation within our industry, especially in the burgeoning areas of e-commerce and mobile payments."

Developers will also have access to a developer forum meant to encourage collaboration between MasterCard's engineering team and independent developers.

MasterCard appears to be following the lead of PayPal, which introduced the PayPal X open platform last year. PayPal reports that thousands of developers have signed up for the program and hundreds of apps have been built.

Opening MasterCard's APIs will give developers the opportunity to leverage MasterCard's payment platforms and develop new ideas not thought possible before, says Garry Lyons, MasterCard Worldwide's group executive of Reach and Development.

"In addition, our new Open API program and developer portal will strengthen MasterCard's position as an industry leader in innovation and give us an even greater competitive advantage as the payments industry continues to evolve," he adds.

Developers interested in developing apps can contact to learn more.

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