eBay Page Sprouts New Features

'Garden' encourages collaboration between users and developers.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Feb 09, 2010

eBay is planting "seeds" that it hopes will sprout into new features on its site with the input of eBay users.

In the past, eBay has introduced new features and then heard what users have to say about them after they go live. But now the site hopes to build a collaborative relationship with its users when it comes to the development of new features. The new Garden by eBay page allows eBayers to opt-in and test new features in the works, and give their feedback so eBay's developers can make the appropriate tweaks before a feature is released.

"We're asking the eBay community for as much feedback as possible on the test features in the new Garden by eBay so we can design and build better site improvements," says Dane Glasgow, eBay's vice president of engineering.

The first "seed" in Garden by eBay is a streamlined search interface, which is designed to provide a "cleaner view of eBay inventory" by giving users a more efficient way to look for items. Buyers can type in a search term and then refine it with a few clicks. They can also compare auction and Buy It Now listings, side by side, and see an item's name, price and format at a glance.

"The new Garden by eBay represents a new collaborative conversation with the eBay community—a chance to listen to their thoughts on upcoming features, and to bring them closer to our own innovative process," adds Christopher Payne, eBay's vice president of search. "And by seeding the Garden with streamlined search, we're asking the community's input on improving one of the most important areas of eBay.com."

Another demo feature allows users to design their ideal diamond ring through an interactive mix-and-match process.

For more information about Garden by eBay, click here.

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