eBay Asks Users to Try On a New Look

Garden by eBay lets members test drive three very different home page concepts.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Apr 30, 2010

Some of the latest 'seeds' eBay has planted in its "garden" include three new home page designs, which users can test out through Garden by eBay.

One of the designs is minimalistic, and focuses on giving shoppers faster page loads to make searching and browsing the site easier. The second option adds a few design elements to the home page with a scrolling gallery containing three popular items and two daily deals. The third is the most design heavy, highlighting popular and luxury items as well as summer products and outdoor deals, plus four daily deals, buyers' most recent searches and a most watched product on eBay.

"We put new homepage 'seeds' in the Garden in mid-April for our users to test," says Evonne Gomez, an eBay spokeswoman. "While eBay does not make significant changes to the homepage often, the community feedback received from this test will help inform future improvements to the shopping experience for buyers and sellers."

eBay encourages users to test out the three versions and give developers their feedback. The goal is to collect as much feedback as possible about these three designs, so no end date has been set for the home page testing. And while eBay has not said if it will in fact change its home page, or when that would happen, the company will let users know about changes in advance.

"As with any changes to the site, if we do launch a new homepage design, we'll provide plenty of notice so that sellers and buyers can prepare as necessary," Gomez says.

To test drive the different options, visit Garden by eBay.

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