Great! Awesome! So helpful! I had a problem with eBay not combining an order onto one invoice, resulting in only half of the order getting the Auctiva insurance. I contacted your site, and within minutes, my customer had the correct insurance, and everything was just fine. Great service, fast response, and friendly as well. Thank you for being quick, especially this time of the year. It helps make one-time customers returning customers for eBay merchants. THANK YOU!!!!!

top2bottomluxury4less (4721 )

As my grandkids say, Auctiva "rocks"! Even this grandma can learn new programs! I love listing with Auctiva. Their set-up is fairly easy to navigate, just took a little time to learn the ins and outs of the features, same as any new program...Their support is wonderful. My questions have been answered quickly and thoroughly! Yes, Auctiva "rocks"!

to-n-jo (677 )

The best. I'd give Auctiva a 10-star rating for support if I could. The quick and PERSONAL attention makes so much difference from the usual form letter replies from other "customer support" that doesn't usually even carefully read the email request describing the problem. Auctiva support people are FANTASTIC.

myhomeschooldelights (4564 )

Easy to use; always very fast help that is not canned. The best experience in listing. It's easy to see how to progress through the listing. When I need help I get it right away. Excellent help. I love the great variety of template styles and colors. Another favorite thing is the profiles. And I like being able to use the Save as New feature when I want the item specifics to stay the same for the next listing. The best thing of is the personalized help.

gemjane (4568 )

Excellent Customer Support and Great Product. I do not know what I would do without Auctiva. They are wonderful and the tools are fabulous!

couturepicks (1085 )

Excellent products, support and communication When using third party products it is all very well until things go wrong. Auctiva are excellent in providing support. Very good communication and responding very quickly. The support team does not give you standard answers, but actually reads the issue you are having to provide the correct solution. Maybe eBay support can take note of this...

whenitsgone (28988 )

Fast, efficient and easy to use while saving me money! This service is easy to use, fast and efficient while saving me money on listing fees! The templates are time-saving and there's a great variety of backgrounds to highlight the item being offered! It also saves your listing automatically so if your listing gets pulled for some reason, you can go to Auctiva and retrieve the listing info to reuse! You can also save your listing preferences in a profile, which saves time because you don't have to keep re-entering the same info time after time.

naturehiker50 (2932 )

Just plain GREAT The TL2 was incompatible with my Windows Me platform and a gentleman from GA recommended Auctiva. BLESS THAT MAN! BLESS AUCTIVA.com! For anyone who's a fan of eBay (AND I AM), there's no reason to sweat it if TL2 doesn't work for you. Just get your fanny over to AUCTIVA and your problems are solved. Also their attitude, demeanor and courtesy can't be beat. A TOP FLIGHT COMPANY and an asset to eBay!

palmer999 (2382 )

Perfect For Me and Probably You. I am still using Auctiva after several months and with the added Scheduler Features, by far the easiest to use. Logical sequence and easy to edit or copy listings. I have used or tried several other providers over the last 7-plus years including Andale and others. Excellent support and as close to nil down time as can be. As fast as others during high usage times. Very pleased! This is THE BEST.

mar-al (3624 )

Excellent interface. Excellent Support. Easy to use! I sell many many unique items, so listing items can be a real pain. Auctiva allows me to create saved settings so I can easily create new listings quickly. They store my pictures and allow me to organize them. They resize them so I don't have to worry about it. Response to any issues I have had has been superb. They just added a search for image by name feature that is the cat's meow!!!

isoldmytreasures (3279 )

The place to get great templates and ads. I am so grateful to Auctiva for the help they have provided for me. I have used them for the last year, and it has made a difference in my listings and my sells. It is so easy to use and I don't have to know any HTML to get great looking listing. They are always updating and keep adding new features that enhance my Selling Power. Thanks, Auctiva, for all you do for us.

pj2513 (7208 )

I was forced to look for a way to list auctions since eBay's so called new "sell your item" form would not function at all. Auctiva came to the rescue! It's better than I dreamed and my only regret is I didn't do it sooner.

trane-man (21754 )

Wonderful Company. Excellent Support! I feel lucky I found this company. I researched & researched. They have all the features you could possibly want in an image hosting service. I found out afterwards that their support was top notch as well. You can put your worries and needs behind you. Excellent resource!

happy777day (632 )

My problem was solved in less than half an hour! Auctiva is so much better than anyone else in getting help for all those problems that seem to arise. I will definitely be staying with them. Why go anywhere else when you have the ultimate?

lord1635 (455 )

The reason my eBay business is taking off! This is the most amazing service I have ever seen. I was in business for over a decade and, after some embezzlement and hurricanes, found myself with a warehouse of stuff and no business. With Auctiva, I have been able to move the stuff through eBay. Their software is top notch, their service is unbelievable.

dbernardo (928 )

I would like to take a moment to say "Thank you!", for your service. As a single parent and grandmother, I have really had to save everywhere I can.

frugalideas (4683 )

Your Site and Tools are AWESOME! Thank You SO much for such a great service! You provide an awesome service and save so many of us, hard earned dollars!

hermajesty1965 (1389 )

I have used Auctiva several times and think it is a whole lot better than Turbo Lister. Your site is so easy and friendly that I have not even been back to Turbo for anything! Thanks so much for such a great tool!

onofre02 (664 )

We are really pleased and proud of the many people that like what we do, and Auctiva has been a part of our presentation for quite a while now. Auctiva is an integral part of our success and will continue to be for a long time to come.

cin_design (4191 )

We use Auctiva exclusively for our listings. We use the lister, the profiles, the scheduler, and any and all [the features] we can. They're all valuable.

ezsellusa (10471 )

The Auctiva EDU newsletter has been a godsend. I always read it, cover to cover, and I also have saved them all for future reference. One never knows when you might need to go back for a refresher course.

csinps (6482 )

What I love about Auctiva is how easy it is to use. I tend to sell items over and over again from year to year, and I can just go to my saved listings and relist them easily.

reed*reed (5866 )

I like Auctiva because it's fast and easy to understand. It has a nice setup and is easy to use. I would recommend Auctiva to anybody who would like to start selling online.

marybell214 (12628 )

Auctiva has helped to make (listing) a much faster and more tolerable process.

obsessedwithvintage (1580 )

Without Auctiva, I might have given up a long time ago. If you have ambitions to sell for a living, I would encourage [new sellers] to use a listing service. I've tried most, and Auctiva is by far the best, and the one I've stuck with for years.

steelbells (9456 )

My favorite tool is Auctiva, which I have used for years!

steinsburg (4241 )

I love that there are hundreds of templates to choose from and the Scrolling Gallery helps promote other items in my store.

molassescreektraders (1796 )

I love the photos part of Auctiva. I can't really say enough about that. I also prefer Auctiva templates over eBay's. They are very professional looking.

anahotstore (2906 )

I enjoy the customized templates. I find Auctiva's interface easy to use, and all for a great price!

m.fashions (1181 )

I love Auctiva because it makes selling so much easier. I found that it is very user friendly, has beautiful templates, fast download time and lots of space for photos.

desert_moon7 (958 )

I wish someone had told me about Auctiva when I first started (selling online). It would have saved me hours of listing on eBay, and a small fortune in photo charges.

bluepawsforthought (6856 )

I love Auctiva Shipping Insurance. On the rare occasion something gets damaged in the mail, filing the insurance claim has been straight forward, and I got my shipping costs reimbursed as well. This takes a lot of worry out of the process, especially if you're shipping an expensive item.

lelou68 (2243 )

(Auctiva's) name kept popping up (on eBay listings), and I looked into Auctiva, and I never had to look any further.

duncwil (1968 )

I use the scheduled listings feature quite a bit. It's nice to be able to set a listing to post on eBay when I want it to, and not have to pay extra for that. And I find it very convenient to be able to start a listing, save it, and come back another time and it's still there.

lighthouse*903 (4940 )

I take a lot of time with my images. I'll take images of the front view, back, side and then zoom in for detail to show the buyers exactly what they're getting. Then Auctiva's Supersizing feature lets them have an even closer look. I feel like having several images and close-up detail is what makes the sale.

chosentreasures4u (25793 )

When I first started using Auctiva's eBay tools I reached PowerSeller status right away. I went to Silver almost immediately. For pre-owned ladies' clothing, I thought that was just fabulous. I really felt like Auctiva was instrumental in helping me reach that level.

the_dress_garden (4991 )

What I love most about Auctiva is the scheduling, because I can sit there one day and put a bunch of products in and schedule them for when I want them to start, and they don't charge extra for that. That really helps me, because if I'm doing something at 1 a.m. and, oh gosh, now I'm done, I don't have to wait until I've posted that one to start listing anything else.

pattycyn (1564 )

Auctiva is great, I'm so thankful for it. I can prepare a bunch of listings and save them in Auctiva, and they're all set to go when I want to post them. It's so easy to list. I always use the same eBay templates so my listings have a consistent look. I have such great repeat business, and I think it's because people know what to expect when they look at my site.

jennysvintagejewels (1677 )

When I came over to Auctiva in 2005, I said, "Man, this is a breath of fresh air." And I could see things were in a steady state of rapid change and working. I appreciate Auctiva and the character of the company. They make their money in different places, but they're not playing hog in the trough. I think Auctiva is running the business the same way I am: We're happy making a living, not trying to be the biggest guys on the block, but you become that naturally.

bonsaialr (6923 )

I think using Auctiva's templates, the image uploader and everything has made my life easier, and definitely saved me time. I can bang out 20 listings in an hour, if they're the same or similar items.

gitasan (3050 )

I do all my listing through Auctiva, the image hosting and everything. I don't use eBay for anything, actually. For me, the biggest thing is the price and the reliability. It takes a lot of pressure off me, not having to worry about whether something is going to launch when I schedule it. That was one of the big issues I had with another service I used before I came to Auctiva. Auctiva's service has been almost perfect for the last two or three years I've been using it.

photogearfinder (40811 )

* Feedback ratings are updated periodically. The rating represented above may not be the most current figure.