eBay Tests Local Shopping Tab

Site lets buyers see what offline retailers have to offer.

by Auctiva.com staff writer
- Mar 31, 2011

A new search results tab introduced today on eBay lets shoppers see if the items they want to buy are available offline at brick-and-mortar shops in their area, and how much they'll cost.

eBay users can test it out by going to Garden by eBay and opting into the Local Shopping search tab, which will display alongside of the Auctions only and Buy It Now tabs. The tab will show buyers which retailers in their area have the items they are looking for, and a range of prices for the product.

This information comes courtesy of Milo.com, a local shopping engine eBay acquired in December for a reported $75 million. Milo tracks the inventory of more than 52,000 stores around the country, according to eBay.

"eBay is uniquely positioned to help retailers, large and small, compete globally in new ways and to help consumers shop for whatever they want, anytime, anywhere," says Dane Glasgow, vice president of product management at eBay. "By integrating Milo search into eBay.com, we are making it easier and more convenient for our customers to find great deals, whether they're shopping online or around the corner."

eBay notes that small and mid-sized store owners can add their offline products onto Milo.com and eBay.com by registering on Milo.com.

"We're exposing the inventory of small entrepreneurs, who may be invisible on the Web right now, to more than 94 million active users of the eBay marketplace," Glasgow notes. "Our local capabilities are enabling a new kind of commerce, connecting eBay shoppers to local merchants."

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