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Frequently Asked Question:

Can I Auto-Relist whether an item sells or not?

To configure your items to relist automatically regardless of whether or not they sell, you must be using our new inventory functionality. The first thing you will need to do to accomplish this is specify your inventory for the item in question, which can be done by clicking the Add Inventory Item link under the Inventory section of the eBay Sales tab within your account. You will need to create an inventory item for each different item you would like to configure to relist based on your quantity in inventory, regardless of whether the item sells or not.

In order to create an auto-relist profile that can be applied to your listings to make them auto-relist based on these criteria, you will need to click the Auto-Relist Profiles link under the Profiles tab within your account. In the first section of the auto-relist profile, you will need to check the radio button next to "None of the items have sold" in addition to the box next to "At Least __ items are available in inventory."

Then, when you are creating your listings that you would like to auto-relist based on your quantity in inventory, regardless of whether the item sells or not, you just need to check the box next to "Is this an inventory item" below the description editor on the Auctiva Lister page when creating it, and then use the Select button below to indicate which inventory item you would like to associate the listing with. Also, in order to apply the auto-relist profile to the listing, you will need to select that auto-relist profile from the drop-down menu labeled Auto-Relist Profile.