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Frequently Asked Question:

How can Auctiva help me remove HTTP links from my item description?

If you’ve placed links into your item descriptions and need help removing them from listings in bulk, here’s how to do it up to 250 listings at a time:

  1. Make sure you’re registered with an Auctiva plan first.
  2. Go to your Active Listings page.
  3. Select the listings you need to remove the link from, or just select all the listings on that page, up to 250.
  4. Click the “Bulk Revise” button.
  5. In the “Field” drop down menu, select “Description”.
  6. In the “Find this matching text” box, paste the HTTP URL you want removed.
  7. In the “Replace with this text” box, insert a blank space, or you can replace the link with other text.
  8. Click “Continue” & then “Confirm Changes”.
  9. Please Note: Depending on the volume of listings you're updating, this process may take a few minutes to complete.