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Frequently Asked Question:

How can I have the Auctiva Image Uploader open automatically when I click to select an image on the One-page Lister?

Changing the default for how images are selected on the One-page Lister is a snap!

When you are creating a listing on the One-page Lister, there is a section called "Auctiva Image Selection" where you choose what images to use for your listing. After clicking a "Select Image" box, by default the Select Images window will open and your uploaded images will be there to select from. To change this to automatically open the Auctiva Image Uploader instead, you will need to go to your Account Preferences and select that option.

To change the default behavior and have the Auctiva Image Uploader load on the One-Page Lister:

  • Hover your mouse over the MyAccount tab and click on "Acct. Preferences".
  • In the Image Management section, locate the "Default view when selecting images on One-page Lister" setting.
  • Click to open the drop-down menu and display the options.
  • Select the "Upload" option.
  • When you are done, be sure to click the Update Account Preferences button to save your selection.


Now when you are creating a listing and click on a Select Image box, the Auctiva Image Uploader will open.