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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I add Best Offer to my listing when relisting?

You can add a Best Offer option to your listings when relisting them as fixed price by using the following steps:

  1. On your Closed listings page select the checkbox of the closed listings you want to relist.
  2. With those listings selected, click the Bulk Relist button.
  3. On the next page click the Edit Listings button on the right.
  4. If your selected listings are not already Fixed Priced listings, then select the checkbox for "Make Fixed Price Item".
  5. You should now see the checkbox for "Accept offers from buyers".
  6. Once you have selected this checkbox, you will see the checkboxes for "Auto decline offers less than _" and "Auto accept offers greater than or equal to _" and will be able to select these checkboxes and enter in appropriate values.
  7. When you are ready to relist your listings, click either the Relist Now button to relist your items immediately, or click the Schedule Relist button to schedule your relists for a later date and time.