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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I create my own custom email?

  1. Hover your mouse over the "eBay Sales" tab and click on the "Create New" link in the "Custom Emails" section.
  2. Choose the type of template you would like to create from the "Template Type" drop-down.
  3. Most people should use the default text editor mode because it is familiar and offers convenient formatting options. You can use the HTML (Source) mode if you know how to write HTML, however, we advise against using HTML creation programs as they tend to create bulky, unrefined code.
  4. Click the provided buttons (such as "Item Information", "Your Information", "Combined Info", etc.) to insert email template tags into your message. These tags will be replaced with the specific details from the appropriate item when the email is sent to a buyer.
  5. Make sure to give your new email template a new recognizable name and email subject*.

*Note: Since most people have intense spam filters these days, make sure the subject of your email is specific and relevant in case it needs to be picked out of a junk mailbox. Example: You won eBay [ITEMTITLE] [ITEMNUMBER]!