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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I create profiles?

First, you have to decide if you want to; A) Quick Start create a Master Profile and its' sub-profiles with minimal clicks, or: B) Take Your Time and make individual profiles for each of the sub-sections of our lister page: Item Details, Marketing, Shipping, Checkout, Seller Details (used only when you use a template), and Auto-Relist .

  1. For a Quick Start A): Go to your Saved Listings page and locate a listing from which you would like to make a profile. (This Profile will need secondary editing)
  2. Tick the box next to the image, followed by clicking the 'Create Profiles' button at the top of the section.
  3. From the 'Create Profiles' pop-up, tick either box below 'Master' and edit the Profile Name to something specific regarding the profile, followed by clicking the 'Create' Button.
  4. The 'Create Profiles' confirmation pop-up will display confirmation information, and you will close that tile by clicking the 'Close' button.
  5. That Master Profile will contain all of the details from the initial listing, so it is a good idea to visit the Profiles tab and edit your Item Details profile to remove unwanted content prior to employing the new Master Profile.
  1. If you want to Take Your Time and follow path B): Start by clicking on the Profiles tab.
  2. Because Seller Details profiles and Auto-Relisting profiles may also be included when creating an Item Details profile, you may want to create those profiles first. If not, you may skip to the Item Details section below (5).
  3. Click on the Seller Details Profiles link and fill in the Payment, Shipping, About Us, Terms of Sale and Contact Us information you would like to have show up within the template on your listings. Save your work.
  4. Click on the Auto-Relist Profiles link and set-up your preferences on how you would like your listings to automatically relist after they close. Auction items relisted through Auctiva will be eligible for reimbursement of eBay relisting fees according to eBay rules and regulations
  5. Click on the Item Details link and enter any information in that section that you'll want to load into your listings. Most of the information in the item details section will vary from listing to listings, so take care to only enter information you want to include in all listings created from the profile including; Templates, Seller Details and Auto-relisting profiles. Once you have filled out this information, name your item details profile and save.
  6. Click the Marketing Tools link on the profiles page. Check the box next to each of the eBay marketing options you would like to use in your listings, name your marketing tools profile and save. Remember that the ($) means that eBay charges a fee for that service.
  7. Click the Shipping link on the profiles page and enter your shipping information. Name your shipping tools profile and save.
  8. Click the Checkout link on the profiles page and fill out your checkout information. Name your checkout profile and save.
  9. Once you have saved all of these profiles you need, you can combine them into a master profile.

    1. Hover your mouse over the Profiles tab and click on the Master link
    2. Select each of the 4 profiles you just created from their respective pulldown menus
    3. Name your master profile, and save