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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I keep my PickPerfect and eBay listings in sync so I don't over sell?

Keeping your eBay and PickPerfect items in sync will help ensure you do not over sell your product. There are a few different ways you can post listings to eBay and PickPerfect while keeping the quantity of the listings in sync.

Creating a new listing:
  • From the One-page lister, create the eBay listing as usual (Please note: PickPerfect requires a Fixed Price listing).
  • You'll see the "PickPerfect" item information in the last section of the One-page lister.
  • Click the "Import Item Details" button to populate the PickPerfect item details.
  • Before you post the item, make sure the "Also post to PickPerfect when posted to eBay." checkbox is selected to link the items and keep their quantities in sync.
  • Now when you post that listing, it will post to both eBay & PickPerfect and will keep the listing's quantities in sync if one is purchased. Please note: To maintain a sync between the eBay and PickPerfect items, the eBay listing must be relisted using the Auctiva Closed Listings page, otherwise the relisted item may fail to generate a sync.

Exporting active eBay listings to PickPerfect:
  • Initially when you export your active eBay listings to PickPerfect, the listing's quantities will be synced. This way if an item sells on eBay the quantity sold is decremented from PickPerfect and vise versa.
  • Once a synced listing ends, it must be relisted directly through the Auctiva Closed Listings page to mantain the sync. If you try and export an active eBay Listing that was previously exported to PickPerfect, it may fail to create a sync due to the listing having a "duplicate item title" of the previously exported listing.

My eBay / PickPerfect listing sold out. How do I relist my eBay listing so that it stays in sync with my PickPerfect item?
  • Reposting the listing via the Closed Listing page will ensure your eBay and PickPerfect items and quantities stay in sync.
  • Please note: We do not suggest reposting a saved listing to PickPerfect twice (posting a Saved Listing to PickPerfect will create a new item in PickPerfect–which can create listings with duplicate titles), instead go to the Auctiva Closed Listings page to relist the listing and keep the quantities in sync.