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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I manually relist items through Auctiva?

  1. Locate the listing(s)* in your Closed Listings folder and click the checkbox to the left
    *You may choose up to 100 closed listings at a time to relist. Make sure you are displaying 100 items/page and then click the checkbox in the blue header to mark all the listings on the page.
  2. Once you have chosen all the listings you would like to relist, then click the Relist button.
  3. This will take you to a new page with a list of all the items you would like to relist.
    Note: Items associated with Auto-Relist profiles can be manually relisted but can cause problems with the operation of the Auto-Relist profile. We recommend you do not manually relist items that have an Auto-Relist profile associated.
  4. Click the Edit Items button in the top right corner, if you would like to edit any of the fields on that page. You will see edit boxes appear with the current information pre-populated. Edit the records as needed.
    Note: If you make a change to a record you will see a blue asterisk (*) icon appear next to the record.
  5. Click the Relist Now button if you would like them all to relist immediately. Your items will relist and will show the new item number.
  6. Click the Schedule Relist button if you would like to schedule when your items will relist.
  7. Set the Post Date, Start Time, Schedule Type and Retry Time.
  8. Click the Apply Changes button to see your changes reflected in the post times below.
  9. Use the arrow buttons on the right to move listings up or down in the posting order.
  10. Once you are satisfied, click the Schedule button and your listings will post according to the schedule you set.
Important notes
  • Items relisted through Auctiva will be eligible for reimbursement of eBay relisting fees according to eBay rules and regulations
  • If you manually relist an item that is associated with an Auto-Relist profile, you could adversely affect how the Auto-Relist profile operates. We recommend you do not manually relist items that have an Auto-Relist profile associated.
  • Only items relisted through Auctiva will show as such on the Closed listing page. Items relisted elsewhere (e.g. on eBay itself) will not display relisting information on the Closed listing page.